Ive been daydreaming for almost five years so I spend most of my time at home and every time I have to go to school or out of home it's shocking.No one really likes me  and I just want to stay because it's safe.

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yes, I lie in the bed in the morning, not wanting to stop daydreaming, not wanting to have to face the world. But I force myself up and go into autopilot and before I know it I'm at work. I often don't even remember driving there.

You say no one likes you but that is most likely not true. How would you know? It feels that way in school. At least it did to me. I don't really care if anyone likes me now, I tend to want everyone to leave me alone so I can daydream anyway. The more "friends" you have the more people there are asking for your time, time you could be daydreaming. But, this is why MD is such a problem for me. It has changed my concept of healthy relationships with people around me. I hope that is not the case with you. Being in school is so hard, hang in there.

It's is the problem for me I don't know how to talk to people and Im shy.It's ruining my life and it's making me so delusional.


I am very frustrated with reality as I can't make it as perfect as my dd. I wish my dd was reality so much

I've daydreamed all my life as far as I can remember and I also suffer with hallucinations so my idea of reality is often warped. It hits me like a ton of bricks when I realise the world doesn't work how I've led myself to believe. There are a lot of issues I'm dealing with at the moment in reality and I hate it so much. The more problems I have the more I dive into my dd which ultimately makes things worse.

I kinda feel that people don't like me either but I think I'm just being paranoid and over thinking everything. I'm happier with less people around. I never used to be but like greyartist said "The more "friends" you have the more people there are asking for your time" It became too tiring to have a lot of friends and that ultimately led me to feel exhausted and miserable so now I don't bother with people.

Why would anyone really want to leave their self iimposed Wonderland? It's warm and safe in there and people love you. Thats why we do it. To escape the bad and trauma of this world. To create friends and the perfect situation for yourself. But reality is reality, and even Dorothy had to leave Oz and Alice had to wake up.

Yes, I do very much. Sometimes I wish I 'wake' up from the unfairness that is life.
Yes totally! I resent the fact that I have to face reality because all I want to do is live in my fantasy world.

I'm really struggling at the moment because my real life needs me to wake up but I'm still in a severe phase of DDing. 

I've just been told my niece is staying over and I need to get out of bed and spent time with her tonight. I should be wanting to jump out of bed and spend time with her because I adore her and I've totally neglected her over the past 3 months because iv been away in my imagination. She's a child that wants to spend time with her auntie but all I'm feeling right now is resentment and irritation that im having to stop DDing for the evening. How bad is that!!

But yeah I'd be happy to completely reject reality and permanently live in my imagination.

I actually don't hate reality. I try my best to live in reality, but I'm always trapped in my little alternate reality in some ways... I have nice enough friends, and a nice family, but I can never speak my mind. And I'm far from perfect. That's what I don't like about reality.

I understand you so much! That's exactly how I lived through my teens. 

I don't hate reality...it's the base start for all daydreams :p 

I used to hate it...now I'm stronger as a person and just find it interesting. Still don't love it. But I'm growing determined to make reality around me better.

I'm currently trying to figure out more about how the imaginary world defines the real world and vice-versa, and understand the relationship between them better. Maybe then I'll be able to live in both feeling trapped in neither.

Me too! I spend most of my time at home at home nowadays. I feel like everywhere I go, no one likes me and people are out there to get me. Home is probably the only place where I feel safe. I do have friends, but they're scattered all over the place and I prefer to stay home than to go hang out. One of my friends invited me to her graduation, which I rejected with a fake excuse. Another friend invited me to her go-away party but I also rejected because I'm scared of going to places with lots of people. Maybe, if this world was a better place and people were nicer and more understanding towards each other, I may feel more encouraged to go out.

I know exactly how you feel and it sucks. I don't think i'll ever be satisfied with reality that everyone else is satisfied with.

I find that any time I start to hate reality it is when it's been a while since I really experienced and appreciated it. It's hard to find happiness staring at the same walls, computer screen, paper, etc. day in and day out.

When I am out meeting new people, enjoying the company of family or friends, learning something through observation, drawing at a restaurant and listening to all the sounds and taking in all the smells, acting like a fool at the park, etc. those are the moments where I really enjoy reality. The truly beautiful things in this world will always trump the imagined beauty in my head.


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