OK, so I can't feel emotions that well because of MD.

Does anyone else feel like emotions are a knife someone's sticking in you, but a blunt knife? I can't feel my emotions properly, like one time in a test I scored 97/100, top of the class (sorry if I sound show-offy, I'm using this as and example) but I didn't feel as pleased as I think I should of, and it makes me feel guilty. Anyone else not feel emotions as much as they think they should?

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I too am very emotional in my daydreams but indifferent in real life. Does every one with MD have this problem? Then MD could be because of something do with our brain and not a habit we have developed. Or perhaps brain uses different areas for expressing in dreams and different areas while expressing in real life.

greyartist said:
This very interesting that MDers have similar coldness issues. I have always considered myself a "broken soul" because I didn't seem to feel things like other people. The strange thing is that I'm much more emotional IN the daydreams. I guess it's the me I wish I could be.
Yes I totally don't feel emotion as I should. I have found that in situations where I should be sad, I feel an urge to laugh, which is completely inappropriate.
 I also seem to detach myself emotionally from awkward situations. For example, when my day dreaming becomes excessive, to the point where I need to take time from work to accommodate it, I never feel guilty. Countless times I have let people down, providing no explanation and simply being absent. In these times I should feel some element of guilt but I feel none at all.
My emotions are somewhat backwards and it's interesting to read that this is something a lot of ppl with MD are experiencing.
MD appears to be extremely complex and it really needs looking into, to provide us with explanations of our characteristics and to make MD more widely known in society. I am learning so much from this site. I have discovered many of my attributes are actually a result of MD, which makes very interesting learning.

Nic xx

I think I have this problem... Of something like it. I have trouble caring about people and feeling as emotional as "normal" people do. But then there are times when I feel like I am WAY more emotional about things then I should be. And one of these times is when daydreaming, I tend to feel the characters emotions as though they were my own. And these emotions can be even stronger then those I feel in response to actual events.


And I feel like, after an initial emotion burst, I can kind of detach myself from situations that make me unhappy in some way.


I spent a lot of my preteen/early teen years angsting over one or two things that happened. Until I realized that it wasn't really worth letting it ruin my life, I think from then on I was kind of able to get away from bad emotion with the mentality "I get over it soon." (I think this was actually around the time my daydreaming became a big part of my life, and when I decided I want to be an artist) I've always thought of this as an advantage, but I think this gives me a disconnect with people who don't think this way...


I think I also have a problem with caring about things, witch defiantly causes a lot of problems... Something will happen and my initial reaction will be "Aaaand... Why should I care¿" But then there are times when I care way to much about things. The same goes for a lot of other emotions too now that I think about it. It's kind of a comfort to know that other people with MD have this. I've never connected it with my MD, but now that I think about it it makes sense.

Yes! me too! Sometimes when I'm walking laps for exercise I am DDing and I have started to cry when the characters of the DD where in distress.


"And one of these times is when daydreaming, I tend to feel the characters emotions as though they were my own. And these emotions can be even stronger then those I feel in response to actual events." Marie


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