do you ever research things to make your daydream realistic?

for example, ill google what their wages would be for their jobs just to see how much money they make. and to see if they could actually live on their own with that wage.

or if i give them a job, but i dont really know what that an average person would do at that job, i google it to see what they'd do everyday

or   if theyre in college or something, ill google which classes they'd have to take for their career choice.

and my daydream takes place in SoCal, so sometimes ill google map how long it takes to get from one place to another

or if its one of my characters birthdays and it takes place in the future, I check the calender on my phone to see which day of the week it lands on (because if its on a weekday they could be working and if they had kids at the time theyd be at school, so id need to know which day their birthday landed on to make the daydream realistic)

i dont know...i just check weird things like that so my daydream is realistic
is that a little extreme? or does anyone else do that? i hope so

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I do this regularly...even though some of my fantasies/DD are really "out there"...I have to have some realistic things to support so yes..I research topics to support DD

i spent an unhealthy time reasearching things about my DD, but it still can get very unrealistic.

I do this significantly - I am very in to realism in my daydreams.  I look up housing  prices and cost of living, research careers, look for specific clothing for my dd character.  

Wow! I DD about people famous, living and dead, our lives intertwine. I DD, I have husband and kids. I research things on the Internet regarding family outings, owning property in other countries, I look at real estate, purchasing the property. I look up furniture for the property.

Yes I definitely have done this numerous times! I also look up things like pay, housing designs, and clothing. Whenever I have a new setting in a DD I try to find a house on real estate companies and memorize the outside and inside to use. I always felt so weird and stupid for doing that and hope no one asked what I was doing. :P


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