Do any of you use hand gestures and talk to yourself while daydreaming?

Apparently to my family, I talk to myself while laughing and moving my hands as I daydream. I'm also pretty sure i do this at school too, which would look pretty friggin weird. But who cares, haha :D

Anyone else do this? I'm really curious to know if any of you are aware to this, or if somebody has told you.

Cheers. :D

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Yes I do that. I make facial expressions of my characters or my ideal me, and I have to act out the scene in my head. Totally embarrassing when someone catches you :/

I do the same thing. Most of the time I don't notice it, but every once in a while I catch myself making an expression or mumbling to myself in public and become extremely self-conscious. No one ever really says anything about it, though.

I do, but usually when I'm alone. I catch myself making slight faces based off of my characters emotions in public, but it's barely noticeable. I enjoy it though, and when I can I get very expressive. From what I hear, yours is a normal behavior for people with MD. 

Indeed! It's mostly my own facial expression that I emulate, but sometimes the characters' too. I try to do that only when I'm alone, though, cause it can get embarrassing.

If I'm out in public I usually listen to music on my earbuds and thank goodness they have a microphone thing attached to the cord as a "fail-safe" hahaha... But still, I'm sure people would think "Why is he talking to someone on the phone without making a single noise?!" Lmfao!

No one has noticed so far. To my knowledge.

Yep, especially when you're not aware of it and they look at you like you're friggin crazy, and you have no idea until it finally dawns on you. :D

True Blue Dreamer said:

Yes I do that. I make facial expressions of my characters or my ideal me, and I have to act out the scene in my head. Totally embarrassing when someone catches you :/

I do. All the time. I do it discreetly though. Like if I'm smiling, I would pretend to scratch my nose so people wouldn't notice that I'm smiling for no reason.

I do that sometimes. I'm usually able to control it when I'm daydreaming around other people, though. However, sometimes I'll think of something extremely funny and won't be able to stop myself from laughing.
When ever I daydream I usually have to lay down or have my head down, I somewhat do facial expressions, I got embarrassed one time cause I was in gym but didn't participate and I was laying on the bench and I had my eyes closed and I guess my friend was looking at me and she saw my eyes moving and she remarked that "I slept funny." So for that reason I never tried to let people see my face when I day dreamed.

I totally do that.  A benefit of living alone is that I can do this freely. However, I control this at work.

I do it too! I try so hard not to in public but sometimes the daydreams are so intense I forget where I am.

I tend to smile a lot to myself, make expressions on my face and sometimes whisper. I'm trying to control that.

I talked about it in a thread, but I'm "physically" my alternate self and act it all out as much as possible (gets a bit awkward when in a fantasy daydream lol). Like, I see many of my daydreams happening around me, talk to them, imagine them in front of me. I've gotten more comfortable out in public. I mouth to myself (like whispering but not making a sound, just moving my lips) and very slight gestures and facial expressions. I feel happier that way; I feel like it's almost insulting to my daydream friends to ignore them when in public and very frustrating to have to stop talking to them when for instance, the driver next to me when in the car is parallel to me, or when I'm walking to class with my daydream school friends. I still am a little self-conscious, but I find as I'm working on exposure therapy for my anxiety and just growing up (I feel like age is a factor. I know I've improved at least 200% in the last three-four years. Probably related to those terrible teen years. I'm semi-close to my 20th birthday) I just don't care about what other people think much anymore.

Well, i do that whenever i daydream


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