Personally, I find it hard to respond to people on this website. Like if I have something to say about my daydreams, I can’t seem to properly get it to be coherent cuz I have so many thoughts that I want to explain. Does anybody feel like me?

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Oh and for the record I don’t have maladaptive daydreaming anymore, but I did for 8 years
I agree. I often have a difficult time fully articulating what's going on in my mind. At least for me, I think a large part of it is the fact that I have certain daydreams, scenarios, and thought processes that I've become so used to now, that I often have a difficult time recognizing them, and and even harder time explaining out what they are and how they work.

I did for a full 15 years, but it took me another 5 years to transform and think normally as anyone else. Still, I tend to pause and drift by accident. My mom can't always tell when I'm listening to her and knows about my daydreaming. I will stand there, look right at her and listen up, but then she'll wave her hand. As if she can't be sure and doesn't quite trust what I'm doing. I'm so afraid somebody new will do the same thing. Wonder if I'm really here. Even after you stop daydreaming, it still lives in your eyes and will not leave. People are very smart about your eyes. When your a kid, children don't stop to look, their always playing and goofing off. When your an adult, other adults are always talking directly to you about politics or anything. So apparently, I had to quite MDD altogether, for fear of being caught too many times, and others reacting to it strongly.

I also struggle to explain my thoughts so I prefer talking in real time via chatrooms but these are getting harder to find. I tend to jump from MD site to MD site to see who is online to talk to. How did you manage to overcome your MD? 

I didn’t do anything conscious about it. To be honest it probably isn’t the healthiest but I got into a relationship and that began occupying my mind instead of my fantasy world. The problem I’m afraid about is that if we break up, I’m going to « relapse » and I’ll go back to being how I used to be

So has your daydreaming stopped completely? Have you been in your relationship long? I've been using discord and the other MD forum Daydream in Blue and most people say they haven't been able to get rid of it totally. I know I won't stop daydreaming but I really need to not do it so much. 

It hasn’t stopped completely, but it’s not maladaptive anymore. I’ve been in my relationship for almost a year and a half. When my boyfriend and I are going through a tough time, i notice I daydream more which reinforces the thought that if we break up, I’ll go back to MDDing a lot again. I think you need to find something that would occupy your thoughts more than your daydreams to stop MDD (at least for a bit of time) or you can go see a therapist if you want


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