The forums (and chat) have slowed down. If you are checking into the forums and read this please respond with a quick "Hi, I'm still around!".

As long as you are here take the time to reply to some other thread as well. It is easy enough. I'm sure there is a thread you have always meant to post in but never have. Remember how amazed and relieved you were when first finding this place? Remember how glad you were that it was an active community of people experiencing the same thing? 

Think of the new folks finding it and wishing it were a bit more active; post!

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Back again..been a member for a while, but life and general MD procrastination kept me from properly taking part in the community. Lately I've felt that things are just getting on top of me and I could use some advice and support from people who knows what living with MD is like.

I'm still here! 

Hi, I'm here n new :) Trying to get to know how it works around here.. it's hard on mobile. -Sam
I'm new here, but I'm here.

Sam and Michelle, welcome to Wildminds :D

checking in.

Hi, I'm still around. Need to make more time to post though. I'm so busy trying to find ways to overcome my MDD with other activities that i haven't made time to write about it ... especially since I tend to write a loooottttt

Hi, I'm still around :)

I get on every couple of months or so.

I agree with you, I hope we can get wild minds booming again! BTW hi I'm still around.

Still here too :)

Sometimes losing connection and getting too busy with the real or other worlds ;)

But receiving mail notifications anyway.

Hi! I'm new here and I do hope there are still plenty of active users, looking forward to chatting with other weirdos like me :)


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