The forums (and chat) have slowed down. If you are checking into the forums and read this please respond with a quick "Hi, I'm still around!".

As long as you are here take the time to reply to some other thread as well. It is easy enough. I'm sure there is a thread you have always meant to post in but never have. Remember how amazed and relieved you were when first finding this place? Remember how glad you were that it was an active community of people experiencing the same thing? 

Think of the new folks finding it and wishing it were a bit more active; post!

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Hi all.

Hi I'm still here, I try to respond to as much blogs etc. as possible ;) Nice to see you again btw :D

I'm still around!

I am alive

I remember you! You probably don't remember me!

I'm still around.

Still here :) Just been busy graduating! 

I'm still here...just get on once a week and have a look

I'm still here, been a long while since I last visited this website though!

I'm here.. have not checked the site for quite a while... and a couple of years since I posted, but I have it bookmarked, so it's always here if I need it.

This is my second profile on this site. I deleted my first profile last year, but Cordellia let me have another. I've been here a little over two years now. It's nice to see some life coming back to this site

Still here. I don't always log on, but I do read forums while off-line.

I'm still here.  I don't post much because I'm working on myself, but I keep this place around and active so that people can discuss things.  I still care and am still working on our cause of creating awareness and helping.  


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