I have a question that's been bothering me for a long time. I don't know if i should stop daydreaming altogether or if I should just cut down on it. At one point I completely stopped and it was the worst thing I experienced. I understand this sounds ridiculous but unfortunately it's true. 
So should I just try to do more things in the real world or stop daydreaming for good? My whole life and interests are based on my daydreams.

Thank you!

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What I'm doing to get back in touch with reality more is to actually make my dreams happen. I know it's never gonna be just like it (I actually think that everything I imagine will never happen just as I imagined it, because I imagined it before I let it happen (crazy, right??)), but I enjoy surprises. So now, it's made it so daydreaming is the tool I use to visualize all sorts of situations I may encounter while make it come to life. It's helped me a lot, and I am right now on the first stages of implementation, to actually make something happen (outside of my head, that is).

You can't just terminate daydreaming. Even if you could it would only be a painful, short-term hack that causes more trouble than it solves. If you want to stop daydreaming in a clean way, you'll have to identify its cause. With MDD the problem is always deeper than just uncontrollable fantasizing.

I agree with Dimmer and Source I've tried going cold turkey and I became so stressed and overwhelmed that I slipped back into daydreaming regularly again to ease the stress.

A lot of mine is caused by loneliness I know that and have tried to cut down rather than go cold turkey again. If I'm working I'm occupied so I don't daydream so I give myself an hour before bed. If I have a day off I pop to the supermarket for an hour or so and then watch a film or read a book for awhile or do anything where I am unable to MD but then allow myself a little time to daydream later in the day.

It may not sound a lot but I used to lose days of my life day dreaming at least now I am in reality at least 70% of the time.

I think I couldn't stop daydreaming because I feel that my daydreams are a part of me. I grew up with my daydreams, and my daydreams are how I problem solve.
I would advise moderation. Find times when you can allow youself to daydream, like exercising for example.


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