Are you able to share the contents of your daydreams?

When I used to have theraphy years ago my therapist tried hard and pushed me a little to spill the contents of my daydreams. But I never could. 

I felt a strange mixture of discomfirt and resistance for no reason at all. I couldn't share my daydreams with anybody close to me too when they asked me out of concern. There is always some resistance which I'm unable to understand what it actually is.  

Do others feel this? Are you able to share the contents of your daydreams with people you know comfirtably? 

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Nobody's gonna understand it unless more people start speaking about it ;)

good point who are better teachers than us who knows more about it? we are the best teachers . Its good to think about what knowledge we have and can change in the world with that and not focus on what we dont have or missed - for everything we missed we gained knowledge in something else and we should share that with the world we just need to find the courage to do that and the internet makes it easier

I'm new to the group. I have no difficulty talking in detail about my thoughts/daydreams with my analyst. (He's my lifeline and knows more about me than I do. I have no secrets from him, as that would undermine our work.)

My therapy of choice is classical Freudian psychoanalysis. I have complex symptoms (a wide variety of symptoms, which can change over time).  

My recent symptoms include intrusive and distracting thoughts, which somewhat resemble Maladaptive Daydreaming.  

But there are some differences: 

I have about 20 different themes or scenarios, and they repeat with some variations, like reruns of a TV show. With some effort I can often use analytic technique to figure out what caused the intrusive thought / daydream.

I do not experience any pleasure from these, while Dr Somer uses pleasure as a defining criteria. If I'm doing something fun, the thought/daydream can spoil the fun, by distracting.

My recent symptoms are close to MD, but not exactly the same. I'm very interested in reading discussions on the website, and learning more about MD.

I wish to be supportive of all participants here, and thank you for the opportunity to share, to learn, to feel supported, and not to feel alone and alienated.


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