I have many stories and i was wondering if anyone else did..
Do you have people die
Or do get pregnant as the main character
Or do you fall in love or get married?

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My name is baileigh cartwright.. Im beautiful smart talented and small.. Im 18 years old and im dating a detective named Chris collins.. Before i was in a relationship with him.. I was in a bad situation.. I dated a guy named jason. I was so in love with him but he died in the hospital and i was pregnant.. But i didnt know. Eventually my dad paid for me a place and said as long as i went to college everything would fall into place for me.. I decided i didnt want to go.. So he cut me off.. I ended up loosing my baby and i didnt have any money so a friend referred me to a man named james. She said he would pay me a lot of money to work for him. I took the offer and it turned out he used me for prostitution.. I was in deep for 6 months until i got out.. I eventually talked to me dad and he took me back in.. My dad then introduced me to a cheis collins.. And now we are doing better than ever.. Story continues

All of the above. In different story lines.

Do you really want to know? I don't normally tell, my DDs are very strange. But here goes, a short summery of what is going on now.

I along with a group of people were abducted, taken to a strange place, possibly another planet. At the main facility we are checked in and assigned to different settlements based on our skills. To be like slave labor to farm and build. I try to escape, and captured by a guard who seems to have a possible romantic interest in me. I am transported to one of the settlements, you get a "pod" type dwelling. Do your assigned tasks during the day. Guard comes for a secret midnight visit, relationship starting......have fight with guard because he won't help me escape......he sends a gift to make up, a necklace with  a pendant that is really a tracking device monitor......turns out the overseer of the settlement had requested a woman matching my type to be sent there for him to marry......all other settlers came in pairs. He sets out to stop relationship with guard........attacked by wild animals during a twlight walk........ guard and overseerer have it out, overseerer drugs us both....ships him back to the main facility, tells me he left me. .........Guard banned from returning..... he goes to his leaders to fight to rescue me......they come and take me.......then he is told to wed me he must give up his career and go to a settlement with me.....or I will be sent to someone else-or sold as the case maybe........he must choose. Waiting for his choice.

Maybe due to the fact I started daydreaming at a very young age, my story or plotlines doesn't revolve around romance this much. It's like... Lord of the Rings as history with epic past battles and Harry Potter stories as the current, daily plot with machinations, mischief and truble... With the ocassional crazines of japanese anime and the philosophy of Matrix. Also mixed with different religious or philosophycal influences... The fact that I actually studied religion, philosophy and even screenwriting does NOT help... 

Of course on a basic level my daydreams are often just moments, but I think about them and sew them together. That's why I don't want to take medication mostly, because it's not just about my daydreams, it's about my whole way of thinking, everything inside my head (91%). Over the years I created my own philosophy and even religios theories about dreamworlds, so it's a bit... out of hand I guess. 

All of my daydreams involve romance....I don't know why though. I think I would find it strange if a four year old told you about a strange, complex world of love... My current daydreams are anime influenced though.

My name is Raina, my best friend/boyfriend is Shun Kazami. He's a ninja which is pretty cool and hot, I guess. His friends are my best friends. In some versions, Shun and I are married and have three daughters name Joesephine, Renee, and Marie. They are ninjas as well lol, but the training is dangerous, it worries me. Soooo yeaah, that's basically, if I daydream anything in it, Shun is always there.

I am a kind that daydream every single minute of his life I pick up any something or any one and DD-ing about I din't realize that it is a problem Until I get more sociable and see what other people are like.MDD is destroying my life it is something you don't wanna do and at the same time you eagerly want to to it i don't know what I should do is medication necessary to get rid of that. the problem is that I can not differentiate between between the healthy DD or mind wondering and daydreaming

I fall in love over and over. Love is like that, it's addictive. Funnily, I'm not an overly romantic person. I don't even read romantic novels. But I dd about romance.
There are multiple characters I fall in love with. And I change according to that too, I become the kind of person they can fall in love with. You may think this is due to a lack of love in real life, but thats also not true. I'm in a very secure relationship, and I still do this. No wonder they call it maladaptive.
And I have people die too. And yes, sometimes I get pregnant. I have all kinds of stories. But not fantasy - I mean, no anime or magic etc. For me, it's got to be realistic.

There's a fair bit I may have posted before about my DDs but (trying to make it quick)

I'm not human, I'm a hybrid so I can turn into a few different animals

I have a friend who's not human but she's different to what I am

I have a DD brother who's the same as me (my IRL family still exist, it's kind of complicated how it works, just run with it.)

In the future (when I'm like, twenty) I do a bit of bellydance for money (I'm just learning it now)

I start military work for my own variation of Red vs Blue's Project Freelancer

I leave because they're doing illegal stuff and using us to do it

I travel the world on the run from them because I also took some equipment.

I also have a thing a bunch further in the future where I'm back home and now safe and I tell my family and close friends about me not being human and the military work and it goes well and I'm surprised at that

A whole bunch further in the future I'm becoming self-sufficient (which is my dream) and so far...

I end up with 4 kids, (most of my DD's are where the eldest, a girl, is 12/13, and the other's are more vague)

Didn't get married to my partner (who I cared for but wouldn't say loved) who left when eldest is somewhere between 10/12

then I find out that a girl I know (my current crush who's in another city) likes me back or something not sure exactly how this works and she moves in and yeah.

I think we should all get hired as directors or script writers.. Would be soo awesome

My MDD has a lot of amazing moment as well as sad times. I don't like killing anyone in my DD and I have had many of them change their minds about dying. My DD are always based on my mood. When I am positive so are they, depressed so are the.

My daydream never involve myself.

My daydreaming evolves with my age. When i was really young it was imaginary friends i could tlk to and play games with, being 17 now my daydreams have become more about romance. Ive had the same character who im dating since i turned 16. Khi, my 'boyfriend' is my everything, when i cry he is there to mentally hold me, and i constantly find myself comparing guys i meet to him. Ive never been able to have an actual bf because no real guy will ever be as perfect as i picture Khi to be.

i will tell you all of mine if you inbox me, i dont want to post it all here ;P


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