I’ve developed a set of very strange characteristics that may be perceived as recklessness or defeatism by others for example:

- interacting with real humans carries risks that my daydreams don’t so I avoid it
- automatically prefer instant gains over hard work and achievement
- consideration of an actions consequences is cursory, if that
- fear of death and sense of danger are numbed
- I can’t feel anything negative, and whenever I do it only adds texture to my daydreams. Otherwise it’s just instant gratification in the form of overeating and pmo
- weird sense of arrogance when observing others

My family members consider my morbid indifference funny but also frustrating, which was an obstacle to me but now I’ve moved out.

Just wondering if anyone could relate to just how debilitating this disorder could become :)

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Totally true. Especially the 2nd point and the last one. This disorder has made me socially weak and also very unmotivated. I hope to see a therapist as soon as I move out.


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