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What kind of daydreams do you often fantasize?

I'm a frustrated singer but that didn't stop me to dream that someday I can be one. One of my all time favorite singer was Amy lee from Evanescence. I'm so  freaking amazed by her voice. I often daydream having the same voice as her because isn't it great? I love her Music but sometimes, I would also  daydream about being a Pop star. I know that the girl in my head is another person in me without a body and I even named her Emry. Emry has a backstory. Despite of all her success from her career (Don't be confused it's all in my head) she somehow feeling lonely inside. She lost her Mom at an early age and her father got remarried later. Emry has a personality disorder which made her life more difficult than ever. I know she's real. I feel her emotions. I don't think I'm ready enough to tell here about her full story yet because she is a part of me. And by that I mean, it's like exposing myself to everybody. My skin. It's still a foreign feeling for me. But someday I hope I finally can.

I'm happy that I have learned about this site because it feels good to be able to release my unspoken words because I know ya'll understand me any way. :)

I would also like to read from your daydreams... 

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Comment by Amanda Lewone on September 9, 2015 at 4:16am
Hey. I also used to daydream about becoming a singer (and songwritter). Being interviewd in front of my school by some famous TV station was my favourite one. I would do it aloud. Answering questions about how I got into music, my life and so on. I think I wanted attention from my peers. To be recognised. But I have realised that with many of my success daydreams I am usually unwilling to do what it takes to succeed at said daydreams. I recoreded a demo but I still have not sent it out or done anything really, which has me think that I am not interested in being a professional musician or songwriter but just being recognised.

I guess it's a lot like Roel, my mind enjoys the fiction of the whole thing but not the effort it takes to bring it to real life.
Comment by Roel on September 2, 2015 at 6:07am

Thanks :)

I know, It's just that in the end of the day, I have an enormous list of things to write and the most unifnished ones always seem the most interesting. i always switch to other plots that I find more intresting at that moment and abandon the previous one.

You're right, gotta put some effort in it whene it's almost ready to write it down.

But as you say, we can do it !

Comment by Tara Momo on September 2, 2015 at 5:43am

Thanks Roel for having the time to reply. I believe one of the best technique to do is to get a notebook and list all of your daydreams everyday. But for sure it'll  be hard to do it every single day because obviously we got other things to do like school or job. I want to be a writer too. I always read motivational quotes because that helps a little bit. We just have to stop procrastinating and do the real work. We all know it's hard but if we think we can it will happen.  

Comment by Roel on September 2, 2015 at 12:55am

Emry sounds cool :)

I daydream about all kinds of stuff, mostly scifi and fantasy stories :)

I always wanted to be a writer, just so I could write my dreams down and share them with the world. However I have been trying to write something for a few years now, and there are some dificulties :/ It seems that inventing the story and coming up with ideas for it and than fantasising about it is the most fun part for me. It's awesome :D . But whene I come to the point that my story is complete and ready to be written down in the format of a novel, I completely lose interest in the story because my mind moves on and starts making other stories already :/ Like this I will never finish anything.

However I'm still learning and I'm sure that I will be able to write a book one day ;)

I have too many daydreamplots to talk about it briefly, and I'm too enthousiastic about it to stop talking about one once I started to explain one of them XD

Most of the time they are dreams that I had as a child, that I remade again and again and again and again during my entire youth. So eventually they become solid and modern (though slightly odd) fantasy-stories. I also get a lot of sciencefiction ideas daily, and I always try to build stories around that too. I like discovering ideas in my own head and making something out of it. For me my MD did not come to be because I wished I was a better person (idealised version of myself) like most people you will meet on this site. For me it all must have happened because I love to create things -especially stories- and there is only so little I can make in reality.

I share a lot of my daydreams on this site :) I love to do it too.

I believe recently someone made a group on wildminds to share eachothers daydreamplots in. There's not a lot of people there yet (like 2 people, including me XD) but I'm planning to share a lot of my daydreams there. See if you can find it ;)

(At this moment I'm too lazy to write anything down haha)

In your previous blog you said you write novels, which sounds realy cool to me :D I always atmire writers that I meet on the net ;) Have you ever finished a novel?

This site is amazing indeed, a lot of people like it here. Now or then the site becomes very inactive, but people always return ;)

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