Character bio numero deux

Character Chart

Character’s full name: Alyson Maria Larkin

Reason or meaning of name: None

Character’s nickname: "Alice"

Reason for nickname: short form. in grade 9 she started introducing herself as alice occasionally, it just kind of caught on and is known as "Alice" for the rest of her life

Birth date: November 30th, 1995


Physical appearance 
Age: her whole life

How old does he/she appear: she looks the same in her 30s/40s as she did when she was a teenager. just a little more mature looking

Weight: 105lbs

Height: 5"5

Body build: tiny & skinny.

Eye color: blue

Glasses or contacts: im not sure, sometimes i make her wear reading glasses and sometimes i dont..

Skin tone: Pale 

Distinguishing marks: No

Predominant features: hair

Hair color: brown. she has dyed it black,dark brown,blonde, and dark red

Type of hair: long, messy, wavy, it always falls nicely into place.

Voice: her voice is deep, its not many, but a deeper tone than normal. its chill and relaxing 

Overall attractiveness: cuuute, really pretty

Physical disabilities: None

Usual fashion of dress: Punk ish,rocker-ish, whatever she wants

Favorite outfit: a mens medium sized van halen t shirt, short shorts, a handful of bracelets she picks up, and vans or converse   

Jewelry or accessories: wrist bands, bracelets, things with studs on them. aviators or "ozzy glasses" (you know, the round ones he wears? i dont know what they're called but thats what i call them in my dd LOL) 


Good personality traits: listens,likes meeting people,  a good friend..........

Bad personality traits: awkward, depressed, uncontrollable anger at times, sarcastic

Mood character is most often in: whatever

Sense of humor: likes dark humour

Character’s greatest joy in life: her friends and family

Character’s greatest fear: nothing

What single event would most throw this character’s life into complete turmoil? if something happened to one of her kids....

Character is most at ease when: with boyfriend,friends,playing guitar,playing a show

Most ill at ease when: alone,at school

Enraged when: When people talk about her

Depressed or sad when: thinks too much.

Priorities: to do anything to make her kids happy

Life philosophy: i dont know yet.

If granted one wish, it would be: i dont know lol

Character’s soft spot: Talking about grade 9

Is this soft spot obvious to others? yes, everyone knows what happened, and she gets awkward and tense when the subject comes up.

Greatest strength: not being afraid to tell people off

Greatest vulnerability or weakness: low self esteem and self hate

Biggest regret: dating alex in grade 9. he was abusive,controlling, threatened her constantly and made her self esteem go way down. she tried to kill herself twice

Minor regret: getting drunk an letting kelly bleach her hair

Biggest accomplishment: raising a family, and breaking out of her immature stage

Minor accomplishment: getting her 6 year old daughter to stop punching kids at school

Past failures he/she would be embarrassed to have people know about: terrible things leaked onto the interwebs

Why? people wouldnt leave her alone at school or on the internet (people she didnt even know)

Character’s darkest secret: trying to kill herself. she tried to make sure no one from school found out because she didnt want people to think she was doing it for attention.

Does anyone else know? her family, her close friends, eventually people from school hear about it 


Hometown: LA, california

Type of childhood: Alice and her older brother were actually adopted. (she doesnt find this out until shes 19, and her brother is 23). She lived her adoptive parents. her father owns a golf course and I havent given her mom a specific job. she used to be really into sports, including baseball, soccer, golf, etc. she started to learn how to play guitar when she was 8. Her parents have a baby when she is 11. her childhood is pretty good.

Pets: none

First memory: i havent really thought of it...

Most important childhood memory: playing with her brother at the golf course all the time

Why: cause it was fun

Childhood hero: daddy

Dream job: rockstar

Education: st lues catholic school. she goes to college but i havent named it

Religion: atheist.

Finances: good

Present  (2025-20??)

Current location: LA, cali

Currently living with:  husband, 3 kids

Pets: None

Religion: Atheist

Occupation: i dont know. but she works in an office and has to dress dressy casual. i just dont know what kind of jobs are like that to give her :(

Finances: average



Mother: mom (i havent named her, i actually just changed what she looked like recently)

Relationship with her: meh

Father: dad

Relationship with him: They used to be really close. now he tries but its hard to have the same type of relationship with ehr

Siblings: Aaron, (they arent blood related),Kaitlyn, Elizabeth(her twin she fids out she has when she meets her real parents when shes 19)

Relationship with them: Aaron and Alice are very close, they spend alot of time together and she likes going to him for advice. Alice loves kaitlyn to death and treats her likes shes her kid. she doesnt like when people call her "katie", but its ok to call her "Kate". Kaitlyn agrees with alice because she'll do anything alice does. Alice and elizabeth become close after they meet, like they've known each other forever.  They are total opposites. Elizabeth ends up dating and marrying Alices friends cousin.

Spouse: Jamie Tripp

Children: Avery Tripp, Cherie Tripp, and Sloan Tripp

Relationship with them: her relationship with her husband is good, they've been together since she was 16. She is a very loving mother to her kids and becomes very mature and serious about her life after having her first kid, Avery. Her daughters both look just like her.

Other important family members: None



Color: red

Least favorite color: mustard

Music: rock,classic rock,metal,grunge,indie,alternative,punk, anything


Literature: She enjoys reading from time to time

Form of entertainment: playing guitar,video games

Mode of transportation: bus,car, boyfriends car

Most prized possession:  les paul



Hobbies:  writing (no one knows she writes, her friends knows she writes songs but they've never read them), playing guitar, being a cat, practicing her swing at the driving range at her dads golf course

Plays a musical instrument? guitar,piano,bass,drums,vocals

Plays a sport? used too.

How he/she would spend a rainy day: watch sailor moon in her boyfriends shirt and eat pizza pops

Spending habits:  doesnt buy things often

Smokes: Yes

Drinks: ya

Other drugs: yeah experimented

What does he/she do too much of? think

What does he/she do too little of? idk

Extremely skilled at: guitar

Extremely unskilled at: guitar hero

Nervous tics: i dont know if this counts but she bites her nails

Usual body posture: whens shes a teenager-kinda slouched over. when shes an adult its more proper

Mannerisms: fingers are usually in her mouth, runs fingers through her hair often, raises her eyebrows alot,

Peculiarities: cant think of  any



Optimist or pessimist? Optimist

Introvert or extrovert? little bit of both

Daredevil or cautious? Both, it depends on the situation.

Logical or emotional? logical

Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? Disorderly and messy.

Prefers working or relaxing? Relaxing

Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Unsure of himself

Animal lover? sure



How he/she feels about himself/herself: "meh"

One word the character would use to describe self: fsdhfsdafsd

One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: If i knew my life was going to end up like this I wouldnt have been so frightened on the inside. My life is great now. When i was a teenager I just didnt care, I didnt feel like I was going anywhere. I think I was a fun person to hang out with, I was quite popular with boys, too. On the inside I was hurting, I had so may feelings- but who wanted to sit and listen to that? I just kept it to myself. Now I am mature, I am smart, and im wiser than I used to be. I want my kids to know that ive been through more than they think, I can help them.

What does the character consider his/her best personality trait? none

What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait? awkwardness

What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic? hair

What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic? her face (though she is pretty)

How does the character think others perceive him/her:  She feels like shes out of place when talking to other people


Relationships with others

Opinion of other people in general:i dont know

Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others? yes, but she tells her close friends

Person character most hates: alex

Best friend(s): Ariana Tripp, Kelly Reinhart

Love interest(s):

-Alex. asshole

- Jake - they dated for a bit in grade 10- jake was in grade 11

-Ethan-they met during the summer. They break up because of distance and other things.

-Jamie- she loves him and they get married.

Person character goes to for advice:Kelly

Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Kaitlyn

Person character feels shy or awkward around: Anyone that she doesn’t know well.

Person character openly admires: Eddie Van Halen

Person character secretly admires: Kelly


The End

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Comment by ashlee on December 5, 2012 at 8:14pm
Ya it was really fun filling it out. It also made me stop and thin about the character -I didn't realize I know so much about her...and then I realized "woah, I made all of this up!". I'm not going to post them but I think I'm going to do one of these for each of my major characters. It also helps with writing because I have everything important about them written down

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