using cartoons as characters (me rambling)

i dont do this anymore, but when i was younger, as a source for character apperances i would use cartoons instead of celebrities. From that i would try to picture them looking like people.
i have a feeling no one did this, but  was just thinking about it and it made me laugh a bit.
mostly because the characters i had were so random. I had dash from the incredibles, elroy from the jetsons, red from the movie hoodwinked, and i based a character off of a cartoon version of a doll from the dolls website ( if that make sense..)
and all those characters were siblings! lol. like i said, i tried to make them look like humans in my daydream. but if youve seen hoodwinked, red has big eyes, and my character that i made that looked like her (ugh i miss that character so much, luv u cameron <333) always had abnormally huge eyes, and then she would actually be friends with characters id make up based of celebrities (im not even gonna name the celebrities cause theyre lame)

ANYWAY. thats just a random thought. alot of my characters started off as cartoons. but if you saw how i picture them, they dont really look like the original cartoon? i dont know. that was my main daydream for about 7 years. that daydream is pretty much abandoned now. (LIKE I SAID, I LOVE & MISS U CAMERON <33333333) . But that character that was based off a doll or whatever, shes still in my current daydream, she plays my characters english teacher (shes older here but ya) 

anyway, not like any of you care and im just rambling but i thought i'd share

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