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It's been some time since I've updated everyone with my status, and I apologize for that. Since I last posted, I've put the emotions from my daydreams towards books, having published my first this past summer, and am about to publish my second in a week on my seventeenth birthday. I do not use my plots to create my books, in fear that someone who knows about my mental health would make the connection. I do not wish to have them know what thoughts travel through my mind. I know that may be frowned upon, but it is true.

My writing helps with avoiding the depression, but I still receive hits of it every so often. It worries my loved ones, but I promise them I am fine. My daydreams have become more frequent, and I know that help is needed, but I'm fine. I've learned to distract myself with a part time job and my education. Of course, it still causes problems.

Earlier this month, I got lost in my mind while driving to work, and it caused me to roll my car, luckily with no major injuries to myself. It was horrifying, but it was a changing point for me. I then realized I may have to focus again on finding a more permanent solution, even though I am horrified of losing the imagination that helps me create the world of my books.

Please, advice on how to control the daydreams is well appreciated. I fear that I may have become too dependent on them.

Thank you.


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Comment by Ivy White on February 24, 2015 at 11:37am

Hi Rachel, I am currently doing some form of "treatment" (basically just sticking to a meditation and exercise regimen) because I was shooting myself in the foot job-wise. I blog about it here, or send me a pm if you want. I figured if I wanted to live two lives I truly desired instead of just the one in my head, I'd have to get out of my head once in a while.

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