This is gonna be one of those blogs ha! Is there any one out there that is always dding? Meaning do you always have a scene, beat, song, or character in your head every second of the day? If so is it hard sometimes to focus on what you are doing in reality since you are constantly dding? Do you find that when you are focusing on both worlds and inside both worlds simultaneoulsy, that your focus on the fantasy world is less or more intent? Does this constant dding bother you? Do you long for a moment to not have dd activity going on in your head? Are your dds interrupting your sleeping dreams? At night do you find that you are unable to dream while sleeping b/c of constant dd? Or do you still dream in sleep? Possibly do you have control over your dreams while sleeping, before entering the last stage of sleep? I would love to hear your experiences! Thanks!

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Comment by The1andonlyAbber on June 1, 2014 at 7:00pm
I don't constantly daydream right now. I used to when I was 8, but I was able to make the daydreams correspond with the real world to make living in both worlds easier. For example, when I was at school, I would daydream about my character going to school. The constant daydreaming eventually stopped when I was 9 due to extreme stress in the real world. Sometimes my dreams relate to my daydreams, sometimes they relate to the real world. Sometimes if I wake up in the middle of a suspenseful part of a dream, I continue the dream by daydreaming (I wasn't actually dreaming, though, just daydreaming to continue the storyline. Once a daydream that was inspired by a continuation of a dream lasted for about 3 months, but that's another story.)
Comment by 4everlost23 on May 31, 2014 at 7:15am

@LordXephere you described it perfectly, certainly better than I could myself. Constantly there is something going on in my head. I can relate to the auto-pilot thing. Sometimes I will go the refrigerator and once I am there I look back confused nothing remembering or knowing how I got there, or when I decided to go to the refrigerator, I don't even remembering walking or taking the steps to get there. What's worse it that I don't even feel the sensation of walking, the feeling of moving, being in motion with  my feet on the ground! I daydream while driving as well, but when driving I seem to be present in reality as much as my head because I focus on driving and be safe for others and myself. Still I am daydreaming as I drive, I have never had an accident. However, once years ago it happened for the first time. I was driving and went to deep into my daydream, I almost ran off the road, my sister was with me, and she screamed so loud her scream brought me back to reality. I was able to swerve back onto the road in time. This scared me really bad. Not making excuses, but the fact remains that this happened not so much because I was daydreaming...but instead because of everything that was happening in reality. All of the stress, worrying, and depression was getting to me. So on that day I could not focus on my dream world and reality precisely at the same time. If I would have been able to have my usual focus it wouldn't have happened. What if I had hurt someone? At that time this happened I had no idea about MDD, so it wasn't like I could tell someone.

Amazingly, through the years before I knew about MDD. I would at times describe to my mom how I could see things really vividly in my head. Mind you I didn't tell her everything, but somethings. She would just look at me and say "hmm." She had no idea of how vivid and real it all felt. Having MDD I am sure for all of us it is hard to describe to others how real/vivid it is. That is a part of it that only we can understand. I would love to make a movie or a project featuring MDDers with scenarios, and to make the POV(Point of View) in a way that people can see from a motion picture how it is in our heads. Kind of like how one would do a POV for a movie where the character has would involve trying to let the viewer see and feel it from the characters POV.

True, I think most of us barely have energy to do anything else because of the constant daydreaming. This is why my family think that I am lazy. Honestly, I would just rather lay in my room away from people and daydream all day. There in my world it is nice, I can cope there, I can be whatever I wanna be career-wise, nothing is impossible! But I guess since I am laying around, not doing anything that does in a physical literal way make me lazy doesn't it?

I myself am a writer, but lately I have not been able to write. Even though I have MDD would you believe that I have never been able to write my daydreams on paper into a novel or movie script? I want to do this so badly, but it is like as soon as my motive is to write my daydream into a novel or script, my daydreams won't come as vividly or as long, it is like it is half-hearted or something. I do not know what it is, but its like something subconsciously will not let me write them down. Many times I have put hand to pen, and pen to paper result...nothing. However; I find that I can take inspiration from my daydreams and from that I write poems, passages, songs.

All my life I have always been interested in many things. My mom often tells me that I have no idea what I wanna be or do, and that I need to figure it out. All I know is that every since I was like 4-5 years old I always wanted to do multiple things. I feel that maybe I am just a multi-passionate person, maybe you are two. Maybe it is not for you to just be involved in one or two things? Maybe you need to be involved in many things throughout time?

I agree with you I mean there we are so locked into having control over our dreams, that we do not remember or care to remember our sleeping dreams. We wanna keep the dreams that we can actually feel, and know every detail of the characters, scene, etc. Plus another thing about our MDD is the fact that we can change things to our liking in our dreams...too cool! This has to be one of the reasons it is also addictive.

Comment by LordXephere on May 31, 2014 at 3:36am

I am definitely someone with something in my head constantly whether it's music, random scenarios and what ifs, imaginary conversations and debates with myself (or someone else) or just future plans and dreams of things I want to do. This goes on almost every second of the day and its so difficult for me to get out of it and switch back into reality mode when I need to. Whenever there is a task that I need to do, I'm still daydreaming and I just go into auto-pilot, which has gotten me into trouble several times because I would often miss important instructions and even forget to do certain things (like turning the sprinklers off, closing the refrigerator door, etc).

My life has been so consumed by the passive act of daydreaming that I barely have the energy or motivation to do the things I really want to be doing. I keep telling myself that during my spare time I'm going to start doing something constructive whether it's starting on a creative writing project or working on making music....even just playing a video game, only to put music on and slip away into dreamland. It just seems like I tend to avoid the tasks that require me to focus on something external for an extended amount of time, and prefer to daydream instead. As a result I have no hobbies or any activities that I've actively taken part in.

It's been very difficult to identify what I'm truly interested in and what I truly want to do for a career.  I've lacked direction and thought about several careers only to change my mind after a year or so and move on to something else. Just recently I decided that I wanted to have a career in creative writing, but I still haven't started writing anything. I haven't even read very many books, because I struggled to focus on them. I would have to re read passages over and over again. This makes me feel silly about my career choice.

As far as dreaming, very seldom do I actually remember what I dreamed about. I often stay up until about 3 or 4 in the morning daydreaming and browsing the web, which causes me to only get somewhere between 4 and 5 hours of sleep, especially on weekends. I think this may have something to do with it. I've been a bit obsessed with lucid dreaming lately. It's just that the thought of being able to have full control over my dreams and even have a life-like personal experience with characters, scenes and worlds from my daydreams is extremely appealing to me.

Comment by 4everlost23 on May 30, 2014 at 3:11pm

@MGinny thanks for taking the time to comment on this post. I am the same way there is always something in my head, always! Like you it changes unless I am focusing on dding on a specific dream. I find it hard to focus depending on many things. I did the absolute same in high school, my teachers had no passion for what they taught. Besides boredom there are othe factors that determine whether I can focus or not. Like if I am cranky cause for some reason I have not been able to dding intently in a while...then this leads to me not being able to focus. Its like all those characters keep popping you up letting me know that I should just allow myself to dream so deep that I have no idea where I am.

I find that when I daydream before sleeping, than whatever I daydreamed about is what my dream will be centered on. However; before I am in that stage of sleep where one os no longer aware that they are sleep...I tend to change and control that dream even in my sleep, until I am in to deep with my sleeping and can no longer control it, as I am not even aware that I am sleeping.

Comment by Gin on May 29, 2014 at 6:44pm

I always have something in my mind, and it keeps changing during the day. It's not always the same thing unless I'm into a specific story i've imagined. In the morning I usually daydream something involving a lot of talking, LOL i don't know why I guess it's to keep me awake. I normally can focus in class, for example, but if the class is longer than I expected or boring I'll start daydreaming. When I was in high school I didn't pay attention at all and I daydreamed all the time, because I was bored. If something interests me I can focus.

I always daydream before sleeping, but it doesn't affect my dreams, I think. I don't usually remember what I dream at night, but I think it's because I sleep few hours. Sometimes I remember what I dream when I wake up "naturally" (like in weekends), but is not common for me to remember.

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