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Aware or not?

The definition of maladaptive daydreaming often always highlights, the fact, that those daydreaming are aware they are daydreaming, and are aware of their external environment. Now I find that sometimes I go so deep into my dds that I am am not aware of the lost time, when I begun to lose time, or what has happened around me.  I can get up leave the living room to go to the kitchen ( a very short walk), next thing I know I'll be staring inside the fridge wondering how I got there and why I…


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Am I the only one?

There are many members here and people over the net who are trying to stop Daydreaming. I have came across videos, articles, etc on tips to control and eventually stop daydreaming. Still I often wonder is there anyone else who just does not have the desire to stop? I am aware that MDD can be a burden, hard to control, but still I can not find myself having the desire to stop. I know part of the reason I do not want to stop is due to the addicting effects of it. There is also the fear of…


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Overprotective of MDD

By now I have seen countless videos of people describing MDD, and also acknowledging that they have it. First off, my hats off to these people. I can't bring myself to admit to people that I have MDD, mainly because I am afraid of what people might say as far as negative things, or judgements. Don't get me wrong not that it would hurt my feelings, but I would take it personally because MDD is what has saved me. It is the one thing in my life that protected me from the horrors of reality, if…


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Celebrity Maladaptive Daydreamers?

So I have often wondered if some of the best artist/top guns in their field are/were MDDers? I am positive that through out history many famous artist had MDD. Often times, I wonder what it must have been like for them centuries ago living with MDD. Edgar Allan Poe, and Mary Shelley were both thought to be weird and strange by most in their time. Today, we understand that it was their artistry and that they were just ahead of…


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Going there...(Reaching a MDDers Euphoria)

Do you find that when you have not daydreamed as much, or as in depth as usual, that when you finally daydream you most likely binge. I mean daydreaming for hours or days. If so, have you noticed that once you get back on track with your daydreaming after being deprived of it cause of circumstances in reality that...once you come out of the deep, or long daydream you feel high? Not just any high, but a high as…


Added by 4everlost23 on May 31, 2014 at 8:08am — 7 Comments

Umm Yeah...(The Extent of DDing)

This is gonna be one of those blogs ha! Is there any one out there that is always dding? Meaning do you always have a scene, beat, song, or character in your head every second of the day? If so is it hard sometimes to focus on what you are doing in reality since you are constantly dding? Do you find that when you are focusing on both worlds and inside both worlds simultaneoulsy, that your focus on the fantasy world is less or more…


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This Video desribes me to a fault... (Multi passionate/Indecisive)

Are any of you reading this multi passionate people? Are you very indecisive? Personally I don't think that having multiple passions is a bad thing, it just tends to drive you crazy at times ha! In fact, I am actually struggling on how to showcase, or even should I showcase all of my passions on wildminds? On the other hand I think it would just be easier if I created my own website to shows all the different sides of me. If I do the latter then I could really set up design, color etc the…


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So do I have another Psychological Disorder or not?

So yesterday I was on and off wildminds for a while. During which time I read discussions and blogs by other members who have other conditions as well as MDD. For some reason this got me to thinking about something else that I have been doing for years. So I googled something like..."people who see shapes, patterns, figures in objects", and pressed enter. What do you know two terms actually came up in the search..."Pareidolia and Apophenia." I only searched a little yesterday and a little…


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Inside these Walls

I swear inside these walls it gets so hard. My relationship with my family is at its worse. Once I was really close to my mother, now its like we can barely stand each other anymore. We are both to blame, some of it is because of my MDD. Even though I try it is half-hearted and…


Added by 4everlost23 on April 24, 2014 at 6:30pm — 4 Comments

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