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Too much of the good thing, or How the brain switches off


Ok, I day-dreamt today for about an hour (at work!) after two and a half weeks of living in reality. But as Edison said, I didn't fail, I just found one more solution, which doesn't work. Last two and a half weeks were pretty busy as I really intended to live in reality and not to day-dream, really. So, a lot of driving (to concentrate), a lot of sports and even assigning to global walking competition with pedometer (so, physical needs are satisfied and, anyway, my summer clothes from last year are European size 34 / American 4 but I'm 38 / 8 now, so I have to work!), meeting and meeting new people, some dating, a lot of reading (so spiritual needs are satisfied), and HUGE amount of work. So, what I would miss, if I day-dreamt would be: I would be 3 KGs heavier, I would be late with 3 projects at work and I would lose opportunity to lead another 2, I wouldn't be in walking team, I wouldn't read this wonderful book about Robert Plant's solo career and Michener's Drifters, I wouldn't have all the things described in "20 years with eyes wide shut" post.


What what happened today is that my brain just switched off and went wandering. So, I spent a whole hour imagining myself to be an owner of a fitness club (WTF?) and I even read a thing or two in Internet about starting own business.


Ok, this seems not to work. Probably, I should slow down.

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Comment by Julie on May 19, 2011 at 11:10am

Many thanks to you all, it keeps me going. Today I heard a funny quote "When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade" and decided to build on my fitness club dream. Now, I'm engaging the walking team to make at least 20 thousands steps per day. The dream disappeared. Positive freakology :)

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