Thoughts about me wasting my time.

So in reality i am surrounded by 4 walls with no attention or recognition whatsover but then my daydreams act as some portal to an another world where I recieve attention,admiration and love   .
Tell me how hard it is to make the decision to not go there while i can, and instead focus in the real world where its boring now?
I think when power is given it is often misused for ones own selfish needs.
  some of us were given the gift of immersive daydreaming to help us in times of distress, like an angel to help us survive .
Humans are hasty.
For most of us, its in us  to love the immediate and neglect the future .
We fail to realise or deny to gain immediate pleasure, about our future ,when we will be woken up by harsh experiences because we were busy chasing illusions in our head.
We know of this.
If only we could run away from them but then these pleasures dwell rite in our head at our reach at all times, We can devour them without any much effort.
We are not given any test which is beyond our potential to bear, we already have the capabilty to fight this sugar-coated frivolity we just need to pray to God,  wake up before we are forced to and put in our best.

Its not that we are ill-equiped but wasteful of our resources.

I have my finals on sunday but then am busy in fullfilling my pleasure.Mighty GOD save and help me.

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Comment by Jessica Ballantyne on March 2, 2021 at 3:42pm

I was just a kid when it got started, so I couldn't have known better that I was tampering my future, looking at series of distorted pictures and bursting sounds in my head. I also didn't realize that I had a disability, so I was making it ever worse by adding MD. The fact I have trouble processing information fast enough in my head when people talk or email me messages, plus I'm asleep in daydream land at the same time, has made many people question and even shout at me. I've lost jobs for this reason, and stayed home with my parents much later than expected. My mom always blames me that I live on another planet, which is why I don't have a better life. Now being in my mid-thirties, I know better than to let that happen. When something important comes up, I try my hardest to concentrate on what's really happening and what's being said to me. I still find that I'll drift and the words will go out the other ear. There are other things people notice and retort about me, but these traits have no relation to MD. 

Comment by Xyz on February 20, 2021 at 4:58am
Ooo and also to add apathy/lack of motivation makes this dilemma worse.
While daydreaming may also cause lack of motivation because you have already have or can experience whatever you want to achieve in your daydream world.

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