(Map of the South Empire in its reclusive stage during the American blockade)

This is a nation from my daydreams.

The South Empire started off as the last vestiges of the formerly glorious Hoffman Empire (it's full official name is "the Southern Extent of the Hoffman Empire"). When Heather Hoffman was killed, this part of the empire was unexplored by Americans. As a safety measure, the Hoffmans built a massive wall through thick rain forest and mountains to block out the Americans. 

By the time the Americans got there the walls had been up for 30 years. As a policy handed down from the founding of America, they were to be at permanent war with the Hoffman Empire until one or the other was destroyed. At this time America had sights on global imperialism, or their eyes, "manifest destiny" they incorporated the entire surrounding regions into their own empire and had the largest garrison ready to attack the SE at moments notice. During the next several centuries, America reached that goal. Except for the South Empire.

All this time the South Empire was reclusive like North Korea. With a new structure of leadership called the "Hoffman" the SE grew into a powerful, but defensive force. This system was based on the 17 houses of nobility which when a new Hoffman is needed, they send their best girls to fight it out to the death in hopes of becoming the next Hoffman or "Empress". This system is loosely forming a new religion where people feel the life force of Heather Hoffman flow from one rule to the next. When that life force feels weak, the empress is assassinated and the game for new empress starts over. This was an excuse early on to get someone out of power. The people truly think that the current empress is God incarnate and will do as told. 

The first thing said from a "god" empress was to hold out behind the walls and wait until the U.S. collapsed to take everything up. Every other empress followed suit.

The culture here is a mix of the english speaking nobility classes that came from the original Hoffman Empire, and the largely spanish speaking proletariat. Over time a laid back culture formed in where the nobility tried to throw the biggest parties for the proles to keep them appeased. This is a maternal society, in where that everything flows from the mother's side. The women hold all the power, and men are expected to  be subservient. Men serve in the army and do the dirty work, while women do refined things like lead the army and take charge of the nation.

(various uniforms of the South Empire)

The South Empire knew it couldn't survive the constant blockade by the Americans, so they thought of something brilliant. No other nation on earth used submarines anymore. American ships weren't even capable of sonar. The SE used hundreds of submarines to ship in food, goods, and ideas to the Empire. They  created a pseudo country of the Galapagos Republic which the Americans shipped goods to all the time. This hub of trade smuggled supplies to the SE by submarine tunnels and covered submarine docks. They were never found out.

(Empress Vivian Grey, the last Empress of the Empire, and known to be rather kind and funny)

The South Empire sprouted from the evil of the Hoffman Empire, but over the ages it has mellowed into a rather vibrant and relatively peaceful culture. When the American Empire did in fact crumble in 6200 ADC, the newest Empress Vivian Grey chose to act upon the the suggestion of the first empress and invaded neighboring regions. They treated the conquered people rather well, so they didn't mind. Vivian pushed up all the way to UZAH and the Western Union by the time of the Western Wars (C. 7000 ADC) and fought both sides until reaching Kingsland with the Kennedians and Uzahns in an ultimate three way battle. 

This was the end of times. (more on the battle later)

TL;DR another country in my head.

Comment on what you think! Does anyone else do this?

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