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The strongest of my main characters in my day dreams are usually women. I don't know why but it may stem from the fact that most of them came from dreams of my old real life crushes. In each and every one of them I wanted to see a strong and down to earth personality, so I copied it to my day dream world. The looks and some personality traits stuck while names and back stories were changed drastically. In the end, the final product was almost always a distorted image of an ideal crush for me. A whole new person was created each time I did this. I did it often--these characters down here make up an incomplete list:

Below is Queen Victoria Corona of the Reformed United States. She is a sassy person. With a "get it done" personality. She was modeled off of my first crush back in 6th grade.

Below is parker aka XXI or blackjack. In my daydream she wakes up with amnesia about the whole green plague after being hit in the head by a hoffman soldier. She was one the first people to be conscripted into the Hoffman army (the bad guys) and against her will too, but she fought with bravery and became a top field operative. She defects to the United States during the war and becomes the American war hero. She is ruthless in battle, and is a total tomboy. Like my second real life crush, she shares all the facial characteristics and bravery: she was known to stick out for herself.

Below is General Danielle Luck, a high general in the western union during the western wars. She is considered the smartest person in the country at the time of the war and a great tactician. She uses her skills to her advantage and often makes her enemies underestimate her because of her looks. Because of this, the western union pushed the enemy back all the way back to their capitol of Kingsland, winning the war. Too bad the world ended with the battle (look at my ending post). She is based off of a small crush 4 years ago, where the person was extremely beautiful, but much smarter than everyone else in the room.

Below is Samantha Agnew a Kennedian soldier during the western wars, known to the people of the western union as the angel of the east. (Read my prior blog posts) she saves the western union from total destruction by enlisting the help of local tribesmen. In real life she is a down to earth socialite, she is very easy going but can kick your butt if got in her way. But she ends up actually destroying the world through her blind arrogance and sense of self pride. (Something she shares with my real life crush)


Below is Amanda Prophet one of my most interesting characters. I have a whole story dedicated to her on my blog. She shares my characteristics with my real life crush: religious, a businesswoman, very sensitive, helpful, and just an all around compassionate person. She does though have some thing of an ego problem though, which is reflected in her chain restaurants and "sainthood".

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Comment by Mistgod on September 21, 2015 at 7:10pm

I promise to come back and read this in detail.  Beautiful characters! 

Comment by Richard Quest on April 30, 2015 at 3:39pm


I do indeed write! I have published some of my stories on my blog here. I am also working on a book with all these characters in my expanded universe from my daydreams.

Comment by Richard Quest on April 21, 2015 at 7:28am
I think we do this because it's familiar with us, we do it because we enjoy seeing our friends everywhere we go, even In daydreams.

Lol don't worry Fitri xD I don't judge here!
That does sound interesting by changing their looks too.
Comment by Fitri Kamelia on April 21, 2015 at 7:21am

Me too!! I also insert characters personality that resemble my friend and crush, but I make physically different since the characters are Caucasian. Usually I'll insert them The Main Soul (that's what I call to add more personality to my characters) when I have gained my trust to them, which took very long time. Though most of my relatives will turn into male character, either male/female relative. While the female character, I built it by myself and only as minor character. I don't know why, but I enjoy it.

My, I'm not really a feminist one. Don't hit me xD

Comment by Ivy White on April 21, 2015 at 1:32am

If I made a list of my alter-ego's an their partners you would see something similar I guess. Sometimes I think we express a form of blueprint for love by casting it into our characters, an archetype or animus/anima if you're into jungian theory.

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