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Everything around me is keeping me where I am. That means my job, my acquaintances, my thinking. I have been brought to many realizations, and I don't know if that has made my MD lessen because I can't hide in my alternate reality or because I don't have the same use for my alternate reality. Aspects of my job have genuinely sucked for a couple of years now. Since a good portion of my MD is replaying things that have actually happened, I have spent a great deal of time 'fixing' scenarios in my head. Duh, if I don't go to this job, I have much less to fix. My MD didn't start because of this job, but I can say it has taken away most of my fun escape. In the past couple of weeks I have been searching for peace with my decision to no longer be there and my little girl had come back. I am in a relatively good place right now and I'm sure it'll be better when I leave.. Or maybe the antidepressants have started to work haha

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Comment by Sandra on February 14, 2014 at 6:53am
I have hobbies and causes that I want to champion, it's just super hard getting around to them working 50+ hours a week. Especially with a little one. I take so much time away from her working, I feel worse taking time away from her spending time doing things for other peoples' families and enrichment. How can I volunteer to spend time with someone else's kid, when someone probably needs to volunteer to sound time with mine. A guy is starting an organic farm in the 'food desert' area in my town and I'd love to get involved. Again, in what hour of the day. I have compromised so much trying to make someone else's business flourish (which it isn't) and it is getting my family no where. I am in the profession I am in because can make well over $100 in a few hours. In my effort to help someone else, that has changed to ungodly hours for $600/ week. That math is all screwed up. My little girl is in dance. And she loves it. I also want to/ need to afford her every opportunity in life, and she needs to see me there. So, get another job and go back to what works
Comment by New York dancer on February 13, 2014 at 11:28pm

I love your first sentence because it really says it all. Most people who feel very trouble by MD go in circles talking about how they feel trapped. In reality, the bottom line is that they themselves are keeping themselves there. Consciously or unconsciously they are keeping themselves in the daydream hypnotic trance because they aren't addressing what's really going on in their lives.

I'm so happy that you are coming to this realization that yeah, maybe something not right. And hey, your getting fed up with being trapped in your head and taking a stand. You realized upon yourself that you can daydream all you want about fixing your life but until you actually do it in real life its not going to happen. I think problem solving within a daydream can be effective to help you develop a plan but it's important that you actually apply the solution rather than sit back and procrastinate some more.

Your a great example on something I try explain here many times. You discovered that DD isn't helping your life so you weaken it's power source. You decided to wake up and deal with your life. With this realization you pulled the plug on the beast (MD) who was helping you forget your troubles. You are in control and always have been but you have to claim, own it and make it happen. It's the understanding to not blame the Daydream for all your misfortune, instead owning up that the fault lies with you. I know all this all to well, I lived it. 

Take steps to enrich your life. Make a effort to connect with people more often, try a new hobby, do something creative, or volunteer to do something meaningful for your community. I know you aren't happy at  your job but that doesn't mean you can't find ways to find happiness around it.

Now, I'm an advocate for daydreaming and I do love to daydream. But what's important is that I know how to keep it healthy. I know when it gets out of line and I know how to shut it off. I put myself, my happiness and my life first. To me daydreaming just joins in on the ride but it's not allowed to use the steering wheel. I utilize my daydreaming for all my creative projects and to give me a place to escape when I'm overworked. 

I personally never use medications because I'd rather talk about about stuff. But hey, if it works for you, all power to you. Be careful with side effects though, everyone's body reactions differently.

Good luck on making new life changes and stick to it. I'm happy for you. 

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