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This isn't related to Daydreaming, but it's something weird that happened over the past 3 days.

So, yesterday, at around 8:00 AM, I was going to a nearby park; to jog. On the sidewalk, I saw a frail man; dressed in rags; shivering. The man called out to me and said that he has a fever and asked me to get him some paracetamol. I obliged but at 8:00 AM, the drugstores weren't open. So, I had to get some from my house. I ran to my house and my mom freaked out and told me not to go to the man, but I told her that I'd give him some food and medicine and continue with my morning routine. 

I went to the man, gave him the medicine and the food. He started wailing and told me that he can't feel his legs and started acting as if he was in delirium. I rushed to the nearby hospital and told the guy at the reception that there's a man in serious condition. The guy told me that the man's probably faking it. So, I left the hospital and went on with my morning routine. When I reached home, my Dad called me and asked me to get my brain checked and then he went on telling me not to talk to strangers. All day, I thought I saw a man who was about to die in a few days or weeks. 

Today, however, again at 8:00 AM, I saw the man at the same spot. I asked him if he could feel his legs now. He said that he couldn't. I offered to call up somebody he knew to get him but he refused. That got me really suspicious and I walked away. As I was walking to my home, a food-stall guy standing at some distance asked me what was going on, and I summarized the entire series of events. The food-stall guy then told me that the man I helped smokes up every evening and gets drunk at night and asks passersby for money and food in the morning. This really made me feel really bad. I thought I was saving him!

But, here's the weird part, on Monday, I watched a Russian movie called The Fool (Durak) (2014) (Really good movie though!). The movie's plot followed a similar line, though there are some major differences in the plot pertaining to the scale of events. 

So, this got me thinking: Did the movie stimulate me to help the dude? 

(Someone uploaded the film to YouTube, here's  the link: https://youtu.be/kYGOmxbX0hM )

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Comment by Kal on September 29, 2016 at 11:19pm

Ah, the average Indian isn't that litigious. That being said, I won't give anyone I don't know meds from now on. Thanks for your advice. 

Comment by DebbieP. on September 25, 2016 at 6:04am

You should never give meds to someone you don't know because you could find yourself in a lawsuit if that person had a reaction to the medication.  Or if they pretended that they did.  The movie might have triggered your sub-conscious to stop and help.  

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