Hi again!
As I brought out in my last post,I thought daydreaming a lot was normal and never minded it. I think now I can remember when I started maladaptive daydreaming after i started thinking about it. I have memories of myself watching this one kids show about superheros. It was so stupid! but for a 3 year old it was my favorite show. I daydreamed a made up character going on these adventures with the tv show characters. I knew it wasn't the best made program, but it was the only thing fueling these daydreams. I grew up and watched other shows relating to heroism and turned into the major geek i am today. Back then i daydreamed a lot, but it wasn't terrible-taking-up-my-whole-day type of thing or how it is now. I always got good grades in school and i love to read books. I have always been able to put my daydreams in the back of mt head in school. My family is very serious about school so i would imagine my characters listening to their teachers telling them the same thing they where telling me. The time when my daydreams probably peaked is when my father lost his job. So i was very stressed about what we where going to do. Eventually we had to move to Florida from NY.My oldest brother had to stay in NY because he had a job, a girlfriend and he just didn't want to give that up. He was 20 so I dont blame him. That was a big change and my family had to leave our friends and other family and almost all our possessions. When we arrived in Florida and started to live with my grand parents, my father got depressed and would FREAK OUT. He wouldn't like, abuse anyone, but he would threaten to go back to NY by himself. Which is pretty scaring for a 9 year old to hear that her father might leave. And i was missing my brother that was still up north.That was when i daydreamed the most, i think. It might of also been the awesome library that was 3 times bigger then the one we had in NY. (i do a lot of reading and i found this series with about 30 books.... Lots of inspiration). We moved into a new, very small house that was alot different from the house we had in NY. My fathers depression began to loosen, and my mother found a job.We are a generally happy family but we have a very stressful life. Its just a part of life that bad things happen. I mentioned how i found out I had MD in the first place and how I found Wild Minds. After that it was just a confusing mess of : oh gosh what do i do? So i figured i should tell someone and that wasn't a good choice. I told my friend via internet chat but she didn't really care. I told my mother and she freaked out and wasn't much of a help because she just didn't understand what was going on. That's basically what has been happening in my life up to this point.

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