Yeah, I don't have a clue how to make a blog post but I'll try.
So I've had MD ever since i could remember and never knew that other kids didn't daydream like I did. Sure, as children you daydreams a lot (i think that's why i thought it was normal, i heard people say it was normal for kids to daydream) but even as a 5 year old, i had violent daydreams. I got older and realized that something was different between me and other kids. I couldn't put my finger on what, exacly, but there was something. I got interested in psychology (No not from the Suicide Squad movie, one of my characters is a psychologist. People keep on saying that Harley Quinn was why i wanted to be one) and i thought about what I was like, personality traits, habits,and somehow i thought. " oh hey i daydream every free second I have and lose so much of my day out of it. Could that be a thing?"Well yes me, yes it is a thing.I immediately got really anxious and scared. Like really, Am i a psychopath? Am i mentally challenged? Should I get therapy? What am i going to do? AAHHH. Yeah, basically that was my whole day. But then i calmed down and started to think straight. I found this site and joined pretty much immediately after reading the main page. So that's where i am going to leave off. I think this is good for me to write down whats going on with me. Even if no one read it, it makes me feel better. I'll be posting at least every week or whenever i feel bad.

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Comment by Dreamcatcher on February 10, 2017 at 9:33pm

Hi Meghan. Nice first blog post and interesting introduction. Im hoping to do the same soon too and post about my MDD experiences. I hate having all this mess locked up in my head. Writing will be a good way to cope with it.

Also you might have seen in the forum - someone has written a great article about curing MDD. If you have the time to read it, it might help answer some of your questions.

Take care and welcome to the site :)

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