Hello everyone!

A few technical things. What do you think the tagline should be? I was considering putting the old one (Where wild minds come to rest) in the homepage and to use that subtitle to write something more specific about what this place is. 

Groups: many of them are abandoned, or maybe they are alive but the administrator is not active any more.

Let me know if one of your groups has this problem and you want to take over, I can put someone else as administrator. 

Please let me now here in the comments or in the forum "Wildminds updating, opinions needed" if you have ideas or you think something should be taken care of. 

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Comment by Theaxe on November 13, 2020 at 11:02am

We have just discovered today that the Transfer of Creator is impossible. All Groups' original creators cannot be removed or demoted even by the site Admin. This means that anyone wishing to be added as an Administrator will not be visible as such.

When new or existing members go to a Group page, the original Creator's profile photo and Send Message will be visibly prominent. As we know, some of these Creators have long-since disappeared. Only they have the option to change the Group URL, and to demote themselves, transferring another user in their place as chief admin.

If we are to freshen up the groups and let the members see clearly who their contact is, then a new Group may need to be formed. If there are multiple, inactive groups, I think the old ones should not get in the way of the new ones. Just my thoughts.

Comment by Theaxe on November 12, 2020 at 5:19pm

I'll throw my hat in the ring to take over one of these writing groups:

Writers of Wildminds or MD Writers-Share Your Stories Here! Both offer the exact same reasons to be a member. If one is deleted I would be happy to manage the other. Alternately, both could be removed and I would start something fresh for the writers. (I am a professional writer and have experience with self-publishing and may of some help to aspiring writers.)

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