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Interview to Dr. Somer and Dr. Soffer-Dudek

If you could speak with Dr. Somer and his research partner Dr. Soffer-Dudek, what would you ask?

Professor Eli Somer is the first who has studied maladaptive daydreaming. He had created the name "maladaptive daydreaming" itself.

I'm organizing a video interview with both of them, and they are available to answer your questions. Dr. Soffer-Dudek is an expert on MD related to and OCD, ADHD, dissociation, sleep, and night dreaming. 

Please feel free to write your…


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Site and groups

Hello everyone!

A few technical things. What do you think the tagline should be? I was considering putting the old one (Where wild minds come to rest) in the homepage and to use that subtitle to write something more specific about what this place is. 

Groups: many of them are abandoned, or maybe they are alive but the administrator is not active any more.

Let me know if one of your groups has this problem and you want to take over, I can put someone else as…


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Wildminds is BACK

Hello daydreamers!

Wildminds is back.

When I heard Cordellia was about to close it, I felt so sorry that I reached out for her and we agreed on transferring the ownership. It took a while to settle everything but now we are here.

About me: my name is Valeria, I'm 35 and I'm a counselor. I was a maladaptive daydreamer. This is the first place where I found answers to what I was experiencing for all my life. 

I'm Italian and at that time (2015-2016) I could…


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