Hey guys. i'm kind of new here so let me tell you about myself a little.

I'm 16, and i've had a horrible childhood. As a kid, about 6yrs old, i used to daydream a lot but not the maladaptive daydreaming type. Like i would act it out with my friends. And then i started watching movies, live action ones not cartoons, and i started daydreaming about them but only for like a few months and then i would get over it.

Around age 11, my life was going downhill fast (health issues, low self esteem). I hated everything around me, including my body, so i ran into my own head, into my fantasies. Between ages 9-13, my life was ridiculously bad and of course those are the important years of growing up.

Since around 13, i've been in love with movies. i didnt have many friends, and i still dont have much, so movies like let me forget about all the problems and escape for 2 hrs. So long story short, i've been thinking about getting into the movie industry, seeing as i love it so much. And yes i've looked into actual filmmaking, not all the glamorous stuff. i love watching the "making of" a movie.

I was just diagnosed with Lyme disease after having it for 7 rs. Anyone with Lyme can tell you it affects the brain and you have trouble concentrating. But in 5 yrs. my lyme will be gone, i will be 21, and i kinda need to know soon which path i should take career wise.

Do you think for us, or someone with MD who is obsessed with movies, should actually go into that industry? Do you think it's healthy? And do you think i should just wait until my Lyme is gone, which should take like 3 yrs, and i can control my MD, before making a desicsion?

Sometimes i feel like i only want to go into filmmaking because movies are like a coping mechanism.

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Comment by KwanKwan on October 29, 2012 at 8:25pm

thanks for the support and avice guys!!!!

i will think about it more. Now i'm leaning towards Screenwriting-especially since i've been wanting to be an author since i first read Goosebumps when i was like 6 yrs old. So i guess i could be an author & a screenwriter and since screenwriters have to calloborate with the director, i guess that's good enough.

Comment by Tila on October 24, 2012 at 8:36pm

If you love it and think you would be great at it, then go knock em dead!! I think those are the two most important questions in the world when deciding to go down a certain path.

Daydreaming might turn out to be a great prerequisite to filmmaking. Many of us having running movies of our invention playing in our head. I have even thought about going into filmmaking. I am now cowriting music with my boyfriend, but who knows in the years to come. Never rule anything out.

Comment by Alta Morden on October 21, 2012 at 6:02pm

I would think you have to plan your education to go into movies.  Don't most people in film production have some sort background in the arts?

Seems to me that the people best suited to make good movies already love movies.  Maybe take some steps in that direction and see how it goes.  At your age you don't have to make an absolute commitment.

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