I am the kind of person that takes personality tests. All the time. Mostly just for fun. Or sometimes to prove something to someone. I am very self aware, largely in part to the fact that I have hundreds of different characters in my head and because my fantasy and reality tend to blur, I've learned to be hyper aware of who I am. I am very confident in knowing myself.


I thought it would be fun to experiment with some of these personality tests. I started taking them as my characters. It's so crazy how some of them line up so perfectly. I've never really analyzed their personalities before- just experienced them. This is really cool and fun.

Try 16 Personalities, many people feel this is not reliable because the creators of the test aren't doctors, but I think it's fun.

If you're pressed for time or want something more credible you can try DISC Assessment. You have to use an email, and the full results cost $50 though. I just did the free version for my most developed character.

It's cool and I can't wait to experiment more with other characters.

I'd love to write down some of my daydreams one day, and I think this will really come in handy with character development and such.

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Comment by Ibn Z on January 6, 2019 at 5:15am

I tried the 16 personality thing, I got ENTP. It scared me how accurate it was haha, it legitimately delt like someone wrote it from me personalizing it.

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