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i wasn't even pacing for one minute when i ran into the wall again and broke ANOTHER picture frame... probably the fifth one. i always tell my mom that the pictures randomly fell off the wall and broke, but i think she knows it's my MD. ive told her about it before, but she told me to stop telling her about it because it scares her. that was 5 years ago. i move into my apartment in september... i managed not to break anything in my dorm last year, but i don't know how i'm going to explain it to my roommates if i do this year. last year, i had randomly selected roommates that the university chose for me, and i wasn't friends with them at all. this year, though, my roommates are my actual friends that i chose to live with... and they have no idea about my MD. there's no way i'll tell them, but i'm scared they'll figure out that something is up and think differently of me. hopefully i can keep it "low key." 

my MD is still in its "increased" mode that i talked about in my last post due to my breakup and my new boring, repetitive job. i've been pacing more but only because i've been daydreaming more. my non-pacing daydreaming has increased as well. i'm sort of hoping it calms down once school starts because i'll have a lot of things i need to focus on, but on the other hand, maybe i need my daydreams to help me get through the stress.

i don't know, just an update. 

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