I am begining to suspect, I may be the oldest member currently attached to this Maladaptive Dreamer.   Good news, finally I am leading the curve on something!  It must be a challenge to build an interactive group from a selection of people who by their very defination do not interact with other real human beings, at least not well or on an emotional level.  There are of course exceptions but in general I think that relationships that result in positive emotional exchange are hard to come by, varying from rare to extinct.  The nice thing about daydreaming is you can have positive relationships any time you want, and recieve all the warm and fuzzy emotional rewards without any risk.  Except for the few unpleasent side effects attached to people who do this as a lifestyle, it would be an enviable state.  We would be giving lectures to the individuals who need to learn to daydream or to do it better.  There would even be charities to help the poor unfortunates who are stuck living in reality.


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Comment by Jane Wilson on April 5, 2011 at 10:27am

My daughter has been diagnosed with a mental disorder since she was 18 and must be on medication for life.  The medication controls her visual hallucinations but on dulls the voices of her auditory hallucinations.  She can not control her own mind.  Can you imagine anything more horrible, I had a hard time understanding that.  My mind is the only place where I have complete control.

Comment by Jane Wilson on April 5, 2011 at 10:23am

Reading the various threads I would view maladaptive daydreaming as tool that is used to meet various needs.  I think the first division should be between people who are in control of what they are dreaming and those that are losing or have lost the ability to control their daydreaming.  Basically if a life threatening emergency occurs or some dramatic occours near you and you can halt your train of thought and focus however short a period on time on your outside needs, you have not lost control. 

I have jokes that make me laugh but only work within the context of the world within which they are told.

Comment by Jane Wilson on April 5, 2011 at 6:23am
Sorry about any spelling errors, just so excited to finally meet fellow daydreamers, did not do a through edit.

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