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Hi everyone,

I am brand new to this site. Thanks so much for all of this information. It helps to know that I'm not alone.

I'm very embarrassed about this condition. I've been telling myself that daydreaming wasn't damaging to me but now I realize that the clumsy accidents I've had recently were caused by daydreaming. One thing I realized this weekend (when really trying to overcome this on my own by paying close attention to my thoughts) is that I find it relatively easy to stop but it's not easy to "stop starting". In other words I don't know when I've begun to do it since it's so natural.

Throughout my life I've been busted muttering to myself or smiling inappropriately (usually during stressful or boring situations) and it's cost me a lot in my social life. I wish I could keep my creative mind and the energy and happiness this gives me without the bad consequences. I used to say that if other people couldn't accept me that it was their fault not mine. But now I've come to realize that I need to change my life and try to be more in control for my own good.

Thanks for listening.

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