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Sort of a mini fantasy involving me being my own car mechanic/electrician or Miss Fix-It-All!  It kind of feels nice.


Here's reality:

So yesterday morning my car wouldn't start yet again.  It happened before, had it towed to a shop that had it towed to a dealer to enter a security code to reset the stupid security system that disabled the fuel pump.  Only dealers have this security code.  I'm not paying nearly $300 and going without my car for half a week again!  Not if I can help it.  I search Google.  Turns out my cars make/model/year is known to develop this security problem.  Dealers tend to jerk people around either having cars towed and reset or by fixing other "problems".  I'm no fool.  Google also gives me answers how to do a 10 minute temp fix to get the car started.  Google also gives me a permanent fix, just buy a couple little parts at Radio Shack, pop the cd player out, snip two cords, place the parts, put the cd player back in, and do the 10 minute reset.  I can do this because it is simple and there are easy step by step instructions with pictures.


Here's where I get distracted by a mini fantasy:

I can find anything on Google to gain knowledge.  With knowledge I can fix just about anything.  Even on my car!  Hey, I already know how to change my own tire so I must be good.  Right?   Yes!!!  I am awesome!  When the next problem hits I'll be able to handle it easy-peasy.  Yeah!  Who needs a mechanic?


As you can tell, I'm full on full of myself because of this.  Its very strange.  Its funny.  Its not normal for me.  But I'm happy and that is good.

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Comment by Angel on July 23, 2011 at 7:38pm

Its fixed!  Here's a pic showing the clipped wires.  It wasn't too much different than working on a computer, messing with all the wires and plugs.  But the tiny hand spaces... how do guys do it?  I've got small hands and still had a hard time in there.

Comment by Angel on July 20, 2011 at 9:05am
It already is true at the office.  I have fixed the paper shredder, the electric hole punch, and the vacuum cleaner (had to disassemble it).  People think things are broken, the owner won't buy new ones.  If they think its broken I may as well try to fix it.  What am I going to do break it more?  Then they are amazed when it works again.  Oh, yes, also the computers, IT guy is offsite and unpaid (we are his "hobbie") so if it something I can fix I do that too.  Usually I can as long as it doesn't involve the network, I admit I know nothing about that.  ;)
Comment by Harry on July 20, 2011 at 4:07am
Well it does not seem too unrealistic. Give it a shot! Who knows if you try you might become a Miss fix-it-all for real :)

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