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I've only seen glimpses of what happiness is, during my life. Those few real memories I have, I cherish so much. Too much actually. I can't seem to let go of the past and move on from them. I'm afraid of them getting further and further away. My daydreams are substitutes for every other memory I have, or emotion I feel. Sometimes I look back on the daydreams I use to have, and I remember how they made me feel. I reminisce about those particular times in my life. I'm realizing now, I have more fantasy memories, than real ones. And that scares me. I want to feel happiness again, I want real events in my life, real relationships. I know some people on here have said they enjoy DD. But i don't. Yes, in the moment it feels good, even real, but it has ruined my life. I would rather be normal and boring if it meant I were happy. Does anyone else feel like your DD are actual memories?

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Comment by Paracosm on March 19, 2013 at 7:39pm
I don't think I would trade being normal for who I am now. I'm rather fond of my weirdness and—well, I admit that I feel there's something beautiful about sadness. There. I said it.

The truth is, I believe each and every one of us has so much potential, but a lot of it gets wasted. I suppose that's how we learn, though. No pain, no gain, right?

I don't have many memories at all, and anything I do remember happening feels like a dream, like I'm remembering it from the perspective of another person. I don't have any memories of true happiness. My memories of my previous dreamlands, the lives I've lived, and the people I've known in those worlds are still vivid, although I never visit them anymore.

I think what we need to do is to work to create a reality that overpowers our fantasy. We won't find happiness living inside our heads.

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