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Im a young woman, with obvious hearing loss due to my internal addiction. Im starting to realize how MDD is taking a toll on me physically and literally. Any addict, doesnt realize in the moment how what theyre doing effects their entire life. When they take a step back and look at the bigger pitcure, then they see how fueling whatever gets them high, actually ruins everything they value. I call walking around with headphones on "surface using". Its when my DD is at its most intense level. My ears hate me for it. I have no job. No real friends. I flunked out of school. Im afraid to live, because i never have before.  DD is the only thing i know how to do, because its the only thing ive ever done. I dont want to die like this, and i certainly dont want to live like this. This isnt living. This is hiding.


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Comment by Pascale on March 26, 2013 at 5:32am

MDD is not damaging your hearing. Its is turning the volume of your headphone so high which does. Learn yourself to ear music as low as possible. Do it soon damage may get irreversible. Do it before you even think about stoping daydreaming, getting friends and so on.

You are not a bad person, why should you hate yourself. You are not going to solve all your problem in one day. Take one step at a time and give yourself credit for it.


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