Kindly Requesting Help with Finding these Ebooks related to Emotional Healing/Trauma and Understanding

Hi All

I've been reading a lot on the effects of childhood trauma disassociation and connection. I have a reading list related to these issues and have sifted through the internet but was unable to find downloadable pdf/ epub version of these books. (Yes I'm the type who tries not to buy ebooks if I can get them for free). Was wondering if anyone had access to the following:

1) Born for Love: Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered, by Dr. Bruce Perry

2) Healing Developmental Trauma: How Trauma affects Self Regulation and the Capacity for Relationship, by Dr. Laurence Heller

3) Mirroring People: the Science of How We Connect with Others, by Marco Iacoboni

4) Trauma and the Avoidant Client: Attachment Based Strategies for Healing T, Dr. Muller 5) Unlocking the Emotional Brain: Eliminating Symptoms at their Roots Using Memory Reconsolidation, by Bruce Ecker

Any help in this regard would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Comment by Aquarius on September 18, 2013 at 1:08pm

I guess noone has access to them. all of them available on amazon though

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