well its been over a month since i have been here. i have had a lot on my mind...stressful stuff. anyways the daydreaming has gone from bad to worse. i daydream almost all the time now. i mean at least before i could bring myself to focus for a while and feel fine....now i feel so out of place when i am not daydreaming. i feel like i am drowning because there will be some moments of slight clarity in which i seem "wake up" a bit...but then no matter what mood i am in i always slip back into them, its like trying to keep my head above water when you cant swim very well :( yes i do like to daydream but now its gotten to the point that it is even getting in the way of my faith. ok maybe some of you dont believe in God but i do, and when i try to pray my mind just keeps wandering....and this happens during other times too at important times as well. i took a personality test a while back and discovered that a lot of my daydreaming has to do with my personality type which is infp (introverted intuitive feeling perceiving) but of course not even other infps daydream this much i am sure. i believe daydreaming can be a good thing if it doesnt become an addiction like this. i know you all are going through this as well and i really need some help and encouragement. the very thing i have used to help cope with stress is causing stress because i am now afraid of neglecting what is most important to me....

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