hello this is my second blog post. i just was wondering how does listening to music affect your daydreaming? does it enhance it? for me at least i usually daydream while listening to music. like if i am in the car (and someone else is driving) i will just stare out the window and daydream. but if i am out at a store and music is on though it doesn't have much affect for me unless i can really hear it good. mostly i will listen to my ipod and daydream. i love daydreaming to trance techno and ambient music. if i am depressed i listen to trance techno and daydream. during the last summer i would sit on the swing in our yard for hours if i was allowed and daydream to this music while staring up at the sky. (sounds nice don't it?) well if i start i lose track of time and before i know it the mosquitos are biting me and its late -.- of course daydreaming while you have nothing to do is fine i was just wondering if anyone else does this. anyone musical daydreamers? i like anime a lot (just look at my avatar) so when i do daydream to music its usually like an amv (anime music video) with different scenes from made up stories of mine. and its usually made up stories because my daydreams are very elaborate too so they make great amvs. or while listening to music i will daydream that i am flying through the sky above the clouds or i am running across vast plains of grass so large its like an ocean. my daydreams that come from music are usually not really stories. i just am usually , flying in the sky or swimming in the ocean or running in the rain while its sunny out (i love it when it rains while the sun is still shining).

well anyways i just wrote this to share some of my favorite calming daydreams. :) i do need to stop daydreaming as much but these if i can control when and how long they are they do seem to help. anyone else daydream to music? any comments on my daydreams?

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Comment by Penguin on December 5, 2010 at 8:24am
I have it pretty easy with music. Simpler classical stuff gets it dreamy and if my mood is affected by music I might DD more because of that, but it's generally not a problem. And more rhythmic tracks like dnb actually makes things clearer.
Comment by Sophia Miller on December 4, 2010 at 5:12am
@ Anette Lesley. yes that is about the only time i actually plan to daydream too. i daydeam to different kinds of music. sometimes soft rock, and other contemporary genres. sometimes though to instramentals (because the story isnt affected by lyrics and i can make up anything i want) for me though if i listen to trance techno....i can really get lost in my daytime fantasies. i just lay down sometimes and listen to music.

actually for me music also enhances my night dreams as well. but i cant fully fall asleep while listening to music.
Comment by Karla Daae on December 3, 2010 at 5:35pm
I daydream to music too and it does sharpen everything. Makes my adrenaline pump faster to be honest.... and my daydreams are much more vivid.

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