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it feels like drowning

well its been over a month since i have been here. i have had a lot on my mind...stressful stuff. anyways the daydreaming has gone from bad to worse. i daydream almost all the time now. i mean at least before i could bring myself to focus for a while and feel i feel so out of place when i am not daydreaming. i feel like i am drowning because there will be some moments of slight clarity in which i seem "wake up" a bit...but then no matter what mood i am in i always slip back into… Continue

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daydream to music?

hello this is my second blog post. i just was wondering how does listening to music affect your daydreaming? does it enhance it? for me at least i usually daydream while listening to music. like if i am in the car (and someone else is driving) i will just stare out the window and daydream. but if i am out at a store and music is on though it doesn't have much affect for me unless i can really hear it good. mostly i will listen to my ipod and daydream. i love daydreaming to trance techno and… Continue

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lost in dreams

hi i am new here. i actually first found out about this disorder yesterday from a Google search. well here is a bit about me. ever since i was little i was an avid daydreamer. when i was little though i had toys and all that dreaming was quite normal for someone my age. also from a young age i was quite a loner and was happy about that. i loved nature so i would play by my self in the trees behind the school playground or i would sit under a tree to think up some adventure story. but then i… Continue

Added by Sophia Miller on October 27, 2010 at 4:11pm — 1 Comment

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