In need of someone to talk too about this MD REAL bad. Its driving me crazy!

Ever since i can remember I have had MD but I didn't know what it was until like two months ago, I was randomly searching the internet trying to figure out why i had such compulsive thinking. Its taken over my life and its made me very uncomfortable and brought so much anxiety I cannot function. I know the difference between the daydreaming and reality and i know im not crazy but still i have never told any one about it ill be updating this piece by piece to explain everything i think of when i do it i just need someone to talk to about it, but im building up enough courage to talk about it on the internet because i dont want anyone i know personally to find out about this, i feel its very embarassing. Lmao. Im sometimes a happy and funny guy and im very social but im not as social as i want to be. Like going out more often im alone allot but im easy to up and talk to, and have fun with. But im wanting to get over this daydreaming shiz so i can get my life together and get out into the world. The reason im going to make this blog or whatever its called (idk i have never written a "blog" b4) is cause i think i can get over it if i put everything out of my head onto these pages. Ill be updating shortly.

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Comment by Cristy Vite on September 28, 2011 at 1:35pm
please don't feel desperate. i recently found this site and it's helping me to get away from this problem, keep sharing your comments, i hope everything will be all right with you.=)
Comment by roxanne on September 21, 2011 at 7:08pm
I think being able to talk about it gives us some of our power over it back.  Keeping things completely a secret gives them the power.

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