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My MD experience. Its insane.

SOMETIMES Music is one of the main problems, see ive created this world in my head that im this musician and i think about what ill do when im famous, and different situations like being on a damn talk show and explaining my music and the way i view life, and sometimes i get into arguements in my daydreams that include other people. I have no idea before i knew about MD i thought i was insane, then i saw something about schizophrenic people and that was one of the problems that they face about… Continue

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In need of someone to talk too about this MD REAL bad. Its driving me crazy!

Ever since i can remember I have had MD but I didn't know what it was until like two months ago, I was randomly searching the internet trying to figure out why i had such compulsive thinking. Its taken over my life and its made me very uncomfortable and brought so much anxiety I cannot function. I know the difference between the daydreaming and reality and i know im not crazy but still i have never told any one about it ill be updating this piece by piece to explain everything i think of when i… Continue

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