I have regrets. If I hadn't been daydreaming the way I did—my life would've looked so much better today. I wouldn't still be dependent at 34. And I'd be happy with what I'm doing. I probably could've had a few partners and traveled places. The problem was I wasn't here, and what I did was maladaptive. I even remember when some of my jobs literally got effected by my daydreaming. I've had employers and staff find out, and then I was out. 

Trouble is instead of planning out my future like most people do, I was in la te da land. I believed everything I wanted will just jump out of my daydreams. Regardless, I didn't get it. I look at my friends lives, and their doing terrific, been to a couple schools, some god married, some worked abroad. Whatsoever, I can't seem to grow. 
I never left my parent's house and I'm doing nothing to get ahead. I actually expected to get married at 25 or 30, and now I'm almost 35. I guess you can say, I'm kind of blocked. 

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Comment by Valeria Franco on February 12, 2021 at 2:13pm

Dear Jessica,

maladaptive daydreaming can be disabling. It's a real problem, as it is depression, bipolar disorder and other psychological problems. You deserve help.

Regrets are painful, but still, your life is here now, in every minute you are living.

I think we shouldn't waste too much time feeling sorry for our past, because... we have wasted time, let's not waste more in regretting that, but let's do something right here, something small, in the present moment, to make the time worth living. Just one thing every day could be enough to start.

It is possible to get over addictions, so it is possible also to stop daydreaming, but we need to be kind to ourselves because if we feel guilty and bad, we just want to daydream more not to feel like that.

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