I might have cancer. How am I to react? Am I to be fearful? With whom shall I depart the world with? Shall that occurrence be the end? Shall I simply meet dead and rot in a hole? How wholly obscure! For now I lie in bedding sheets, only my pillow comforts me. My eyes have learned to wear glasses, my face is thinner now, my cheek bones are most prominent, my hands shake weakly, my weight drops quickly, I grow ever tired, what do I do? There isn't much. The Steves grow. Yes I'm an oddity who hast named them. There names are Steve. They are lymphnodes at my neck. One begun to grow in June -I was fearful then. I am not ill save this cold right now. The first grew long ago. It will not go away- bacterial infection pills or not! - and a new one has grown too. It is now the size of the previous, 2 months ago. The previous now too big for comfort. I am to get a biopsy. I know no fear in these days of my life. I know now I MUST finish my book. If I don't I'll die and no one will remember me. No one. Before I die, in going to live with all my might! "Do you wanna die? Go ahead and die then! No one is gonna care if you die anyway. Do you wanna die? Do what you want- go ahead and die! Do you wanna die? Oh you're still alive? Live or Die, Decide already! Do you wanna die? Go ahead and die! If you don't wanna die, live with all your might! ...don't give up!"

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Comment by K.M.R. on September 6, 2014 at 9:51am

Awesome poetry man. Lymph nodes are not usually cancerous unless they they continue growing larger, but it's always good to stay safe and live life as if it were your last day. 

Comment by Mишка (Miska) on August 26, 2014 at 6:02pm
Thank you~
Comment by Kade Scoular on August 26, 2014 at 4:43pm
I really admire your courage, particularly the part "live with all your might! ...don't give up!". If it's of any help, Cannabis Oil has been shown to reduce the size of tumours/cancerous cells and even eliminate them. My uncle has brain cancer and is currently undergoing this treatment, I'd look into it if I was you. I hope you get better!

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