I was just reading through some posts on here and one that I was reading was talking about what point of view do you daydream in. I usually always daydream in a third person omniscient point of view and I realized that the reason I do this is because I have NO IDEA what my main character looks like. Actually, I have no idea what anybody looks like in my day dream, in exception of one character because she's a real person that I've known for years but even then when I daydream I don't really "see" her. My main character is a person that I've daydreamed about for more than two years and even before that, any main character that I've had I have no idea what they look like. The only real thing I know about her appearance is just her race. I think it's something really strange. My daydreams are definitely more emotionally driven and even though there is a big plot with lots of scenes everything is just so vague, visually at least. I can have a scene imagined but I only know what's going on, I don't really see what's happening. Anyways, I'm feeling really scatterbrained right now trying to process this new revelation so I'll end this post here, ha.

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Comment by Mai Xiong on September 1, 2014 at 8:36pm

This is so like how I MDD. I always know, sense, but I never see. I could never imagine their facial as if I knew for real they don't exist, but I still want to drown myself in this abstract world. So yes I can say my MDD is more emotionally driven.

Comment by The1andonlyAbber on August 28, 2014 at 7:27pm
My daydreams used to be very visually vague because I couldn't picture things well. I'm better at picturing things now so now my daydreams are more visual, but it's still not so much SEEING my characters doing things as it is just KNOWING that they're doing them.
Comment by Roel on August 26, 2014 at 10:40am

My daydreams are visually very detailed, and for point of view it's like a camera that bounces around the scene and shrinks and grows to give an exact immage from every character and object, no matter what size it has (that is neccessairy because, some of my characters are small animals, others are giants). Time gets slowed down a lot, just to see some details better and sharper on moments with a lot of action.
But by reading this post, I suddenly realised that I don't know the faces of my (human) characters either! That is weird because I do know exactly how they all behave, what expressions they make and what they all feel. I have the feeling that their faces are there, but that their faces are all the same. It's only the faces that are missing though. I know what clothing they wear, and if thay have glasses, headphones, scars or unusual eyecolor, I know that too. The rest of their body I can somewhat describe and also, I know the haircut of all the girl-charcters for some reason.
I have the strange feeling that they all have my face, but I can't say that for certain.
So it's not the same as you, but I find it weird though that I never noticed this before. Maybe there is a lack of data/information in everyone's dreams, but we just never paid attention to it before.
Just a thought...

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