I feel like im wasting my life away.

I'm still young and only a freshman at high school. I remember being so involved. My life was routine back then but at least it was fun. I had my friends, my sports and i excelled at school. Ive been trying to catch up on the years Ive spent doing nothing. The years i ignored and pushed away my friends. I cant even remember whats it like to sit in a group of people and laugh. Recently, im training for my school's tennis team. Ill probably join track my other semesters. I don't want to reminisce and think about high school and have nothing but sorrow about what i could have done and could have been.

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Comment by greyartist on January 26, 2012 at 7:46am

Your a freshman so it's all new for you. High school is a hugh adjustment. You have to find your own rythum and place and it takes time. Joining the tennis team is a great way to start. It could help allot to talk to someone like Emilia suggested. Don't worry now about how you will look back on highschool when you finish. You have plenty of time to make it meaningful. And even if it's not, like with me, my highschool years where horrible, but then it's over and you can go on with your life and it can be great.

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