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I feel like im wasting my life away.

I'm still young and only a freshman at high school. I remember being so involved. My life was routine back then but at least it was fun. I had my friends, my sports and i excelled at school. Ive been trying to catch up on the years Ive spent doing nothing. The years i ignored and pushed away my friends. I cant even remember whats it like to sit in a group of people and laugh. Recently, im training for my school's tennis team. Ill probably join track my other semesters. I don't want to…


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First Blog

In school I just read about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The feeling afterwards was so intense. I felt like crying in the middle of the room filled with about 25 kids. My MD was never as severe as it was in high school. I was always a loner but I used to be surrounded with friends. Now in high school im used to being alone. I found ways to escape-hiding my face buried in books, or daydreaming. This was when the devil finally bound me in this horrible experience in living a double world…


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