In school I just read about The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The feeling afterwards was so intense. I felt like crying in the middle of the room filled with about 25 kids. My MD was never as severe as it was in high school. I was always a loner but I used to be surrounded with friends. Now in high school im used to being alone. I found ways to escape-hiding my face buried in books, or daydreaming. This was when the devil finally bound me in this horrible experience in living a double world that consistently switched out. Things that triggered me were everywhere. Music, people talking, walking into certain areas. I found that the best way to keep the devil at bay is to keep your life occupied. My madalaptive daydreaming wasn't severe when i still had a social life, I used to do a lot of sports from TKD to competitive swimming and soccer. My life was busy and fun. I'm trying to fix my mixtakes and go back to how i lived my life before. I guess everybody has a flaw or something they want to change. This is mine and horrid or not I can learn to control it and gain back my life. My MD daydreaming is hard but it wont kill me and i can believe im quoting Kanye West but I am what cant kill you can only make you stronger. Life is about the experience so i cant say that its been all that bad. Im learning more about myself. I feel for the first time my writing is a jumbled mess and im quite new at blogs. So until my next post peace.

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Comment by Sheyenne on January 15, 2012 at 4:53am

I used to do ITF taekwondo

Comment by Teagan Heart on January 14, 2012 at 7:50pm

thanks for sharing. so you think that the devil is involved. I thought the same thing too. what are you up to now? btw what is TKD?

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