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How Do You Keep Focused On Important Tasks?

Recently my MD has been preventing me from not only doing things like schoolwork but also things that I actually enjoy doing. For example, I'm on a five day break from school so I decided to get a start some books I bought myself a little while ago. I used to read so quickly and now I can barely get through a page without distracting myself. What are some tips to stay focused? No pills or anything though haha I'd rather focus naturally

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Comment by Amari on February 20, 2014 at 3:02am
@ben babu - The music is definitely helping me! I actually used to do homework with music I have no clue why I ever stopped!

@Amanda - I think you're right about trying to get through the first couple minutes. I didn't really realize how quickly I was giving up an just saying I can't focus.

@Zoe - When I try to take a breather I usually end up daydreaming haha. But since I started with the music, I limit myself to a certain number of songs for my break it's really been helping!

@Aquarius - Keeping the door open will be lifesaver! I never daydream/lose my focus when I know that people can come into the hallway to see me at anytime. I do have to invest in some earbuds though my family is typically very loud lol

@Anne - Yeah I know it is really hard..especially since I live in a small house so basically everywhere is my daydreaming place! So there's nowhere for me to go where I wouldn't daydream. Opening the door to my room is probably my best bet :/
Comment by Anne on February 19, 2014 at 7:43am

That's simple: I don't. xD 

If I try really hard I may focus for 5 whole minutes ...but...

After that I just let myself get drowned by a biiig wave of new daydreams. Maybe like a tsunami or something *yeah , i know , metaphor fail lol*

I guess I tend to avoid doing stuff in my favorite daydreaming places , avoid triggers ...and try my best xD 

Good luck , though ^_^

Comment by Aquarius on February 17, 2014 at 12:29pm

Time management is always a struggle. Keep a large table clock on your workstation. Make a list at night, keep the list small. Keep the door open but do use earplugs to keep the noise out.

Don't read while sitting or lying on your favorite spot.

I have 6 books on my night stand ~sigh~

Comment by Zoë Verdancii on February 17, 2014 at 10:41am

When I have trouble focusing on something, I usually step away for a few minutes and take a breather. If I'm in the middle of something and start to derail, I put on some good trance/EDM. Music tends to put you on a good pace!

Comment by Amanda Lewone on February 17, 2014 at 9:50am

Try visualise everything as you read, or read aloud. Anything to force your brain to focus for a page or two. Once the book gets interesting, once you get a rhythm going, it should be easy. The tough part can be breaking through that first 10 minutes. 

But try different things. People are different. 

Have a look at this article:


Comment by ben babu on February 16, 2014 at 10:14pm

My way of warding of this is like doing it with some others friends.. family.. sibling... know that an empty mind is devil's workshop... 

I advise you to take your work seriously... doing things in a fun way can also reduce this like listening music... and mostly enjoying your work... I had quite a record in my class for not finishing assignments in time... 

best of luck ^_^

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