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At the moment I feel totally lost, daydreaming seems to be taking over my life. Normally I feel like I have more control over it. I feel like I can set the boundaries.

I would limit myself to DD before going to sleep and could easily cope with being at work and interacting with people. The last month or so I've noticed a change where I feel distant from everyone.

One of my colleagues asked if everything was OK as I had been quiet and acting different to normal.

It's been so quiet at work recently that I have found it easy for my mind to wander. In my DD I am happily in a relationship with a TV star and he seems to creep into my thoughts throughout the day.

I feel like I am drowning within my own mind. I know MD is a part of me and was a massive part of my life during my teens so I know I cannot just switch it off. 

Someone offered to set me up on a date with someone and weirdly my mind kept thinking about losing the DD in my mind with this guy.

I know its not real and it slips into my mind that this person is off living his life and building relationships and will never know me and I am putting so much effort into my perception of him. Also I sometimes think about how weird it would be to find out someone spends hours of the day fantasising about being with someone they do not know. Then I started to feel ashamed of myself for wasting so much energy.

I then feel down and unhappy but then it all start again, the daydreams come back and I forget or try to forget the sadness I felt and there I am again in my mind happy with him and friends and family.

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Comment by Sian on June 5, 2017 at 1:12pm

I am just the same Sam, I can feel daydreaming taking over my life and I don't know how to stop it.  I like your phrase `I'm drowning in my own mind' because it sums up how I feel.  No-one has noticed in my case, and I half wish they would because at least then I could open up perhaps and do something about it.  I've lost my ability to concentrate, that's the worst thing.

My work is very dull, which probably adds to the problem.  And I'm slipping into middle age, maybe I'm finding it hard to accept that.

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