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Chapter 9: Sexting?


It had been 2 months since the last time Stefani and I were together in the same room, we called each other every night sometimes talking for hours about our days and random shit. Tonight though I was about to be introduced to something new that I never could have thought would be nice. I was all ready for bed at 12:30 until I received a text from Stefani "Ugh!! Baby I'm still crying! I can't believe he did that to me!" the message said, poor Stef got cancelled out on a date with Mr. Douchebag and on top of all that he had been treating her like shit all day. "Aww don't cry I'm here spiritually! Don't worry, we only have a few months left until we can finally be together." I replied worrying about the sanity of my girl. "Yeah I can't wait until you can be here! I swear I'm buying you an apartment in NYC too so you can live nearby. You're already cheering me up." she replied. "Aww! That's my Stef! :)" I said anxiously waiting for her reply, "And that's my Nicole! :))) Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to try something new." she replied. "Sure, what do you want to try?" I replied wondering what she wanted to do. "Well, I wanted to try something called sexting because I'm so lonely without you and "bluffing" with Luc doesn't happen as often as I'd like it to." she replied. I was a little worried about doing sexting since the risk of Luc stumbling upon our messages was possible, "Are you sure you want to? Luc could come across the messages one day.." I replied nervously. "Not if I delete our sext messages.. ;)" she replied being persistent. "Uhh.. well.. I guess we could give it a try, how do you wanna start?" I replied. "Well I know for a fact that you have a vibrator so go get it out first while I go grab mine too." she replied. I went over to my closet and pulled out the blue backpack that had the vibrators hidden in them. I of course took out my butterfly vibrator and my lube and grabbed my phone, "Got it, what now?" I replied laying back on my bed and pulling down my pants. "Ok well get it inside and don't read my next text until you do, I wanna make sure to rock your world. ;)" she replied. I quickly got everything situated with my vibrator and my phone buzzed again with her text message and another one 10 seconds later. The first message said, "We're going to text a hot fantasy until we both cum. ;)" and the second one said, "After a long evening you and I decide to hit the shower before bed..." I quickly got my reply open and typed, "You slowly pull open the shower curtain and give me a "come hither" motion with your finger and a dirty grin before I step in." in reply and excitedly awaited her response to my creativity. "I slowly pull you close into the shower and run the water. Closing the curtain I slowly begin to make out with you and brush my hand along your back." she replied. "You slowly bring your hand around to the front and start gently rubbing my pussy while still making out with me. I place my hands on your water soaked hips and caress your nice ass." I replied. "I suddenly slip my fingers into your pussy pressing onto your g-spot. You moan in pleasure bucking your knees from how good it feels." she replied. "I slide my back down the wet, slippery, shower wall and sit on the floor still moaning, you get on your knees and continue fingering as I continue moaning, pre-cumming all over your fingers." I replied. "You suddenly scoot closer and stick your fingers into my pussy too and now we are both moaning fingering each other." she replied. "I finger you for a few minutes, but I want more so I stand up and take your hand, off to the bedroom." I replied. "When we reach the bedroom I push your still wet, naked, body onto the bed and get on top of you." she replied. "We make out for a few minutes, but then a light bulb goes off in your mind as you get up and pull out a double dong." I replied. "I slowly slip one end of the double dong into your pussy and the other end into mine. I'm about to cum in a minute here!!" she replied. Getting excited that she was about to cum I continued in one last mind shattering text before letting my load go, "We fuck missionary making out. I'm cumming!" I replied letting out relaxed moans as I came all over my vibrator. "We came at the same time. :) I love you so much baby and I can't wait until we can see each other again." she replied. "Aww! I love you too sweetie and I can't wait either! :) I'm going to go to bed now, goodnight!" I replied. "Aww ok! I'll get myself to bed too! Night baby girl!" she replied. I plugged my phone into the charger, slipped my PJ bottoms back on and cuddled up under my covers to sleep.

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